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Lifted Spirits

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Lifted Spirits

Post by The Mark on Sat Oct 05, 2013 10:18 am

Inside the medics center, Doctor Bones is busying himself with The Mark. The Mark has his back turned, his face not being shown. The mask that he's worn lies next to him on the bed.

Airi is lying in a bed nearby with Laura Kinney holding her hands and weeping.

Laura Kinney: This was my fault. I told you... I told you that you'd be hurt being around me.

Raven and Hawk wait at the door, occasionally giving glances outside the room to see if anyone is coming.

Doctor Bones: Well, that should get you cleaned up all over again! Really though, that first set of stitches that you did, really impressive.

The Mark doesn't respond as he picks up his mask and places it back on his face.

Doctor Bones: I agree, Nurse, he shouldn't hide that pretty boy face at all.

The Mark pushes off the bed and hisses in pain as his feet hit the floor. He gives a look to Airi and Laura before turning toward Raven and Hawk and approaching them.

The Mark: So, what now? Plan on tattling to Sakuya on where we are, now that I'm somewhat presentable?

Both Raven and Hawk give a look to each other. Raven puts a hand behind his neck and scratches it.

Raven: Tell 'em, Hawk.

Hawk: About what first? The reason we ran out and attacked those bullies? Or why we're still hanging around?

Raven: Just... just say something, I'm not good at explaining why we did something stupid.

Hawk: It was not stupid! Last week, we were wanting to help these guys and then Sakuya came out and screamed in our ears!

The Mark: As she would.

Hawk points a finger at The Mark.

Hawk: Wait your turn!

Hawk returns his attention to Raven.

Hawk: Then, after that, I had to hear your whining for an entire week about how we could've stood up for them and also show up the tag champions!

Raven: Are you quiet finished?

Hawk: No! No, I'm not!

Hawk turns to The Mark.

Hawk: We want in on the revolution!

Raven: Don't just shout that out! Who knows who could be listening?!

Doctor Bones yells from afar.

Doctor Bones: I'm not! Nurse, maybe!

Raven rolls his eyes.

Raven: Okay, fine. It's true. We don't like what QBC has turned into, or rather, we don't like the Chris, Dogpyle, & Wolf Show.

Hawk: Guest Starring: Sakuya and her Minions.

Raven: Which is why we want in. You don't like Sakuya and her antics, we don't like it either.

Hawk: Not to mention, what you did at the beginning of the show? That was ballsy.

Raven: Insane.

Hawk: Amazing.

Raven: Slightly terrifying.

Hawk & Raven: Awesome.

They look at each other for a moment before continuing on.

Hawk: So, whatcha say? We know you've been looking for a few good men.

Raven: We're great men.

Hawk: Astounding guys.

Raven: Helpful dudes.

Hawk & Raven: Righteous buddies.

They look at each other again.

Raven: We really need to stop that.

Hawk: Yeah, getting a bit creepy.

Hawk and Raven turn back to The Mark.

The Mark: Right now, there's a lot of stress that myself, Ms. Laura, and Ms. Airi are going through. I will not hesitate in accepting your help.

Laura Kinney walks up next to The Mark, wiping remaining tears from her face.

Laura Kinney: Yeah. And even if we weren't under this much pressure, we owe something to the both of you for saving us.

The Mark nods.

The Mark: For now, let's regroup in the underground. We need some time to think on what needs to be done before the pay per view comes.

With a satisfactory nod, the four fighters leave the room.

Doctor Bones: It's the old times all over again. Instead of Lily and Sakuya rising up, it's these young humans rising against them.


Doctor Bones: NURSE! I need the record book!
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