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Demanding Vengeance

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Demanding Vengeance

Post by The Mark on Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:01 am

Hawk and Raven are giving odd looks to The Mark. The Mark is standing in front of a tacked up photo of Silvia Johnson and is unmoving.

Hawk: Mark... Mark!

Raven: Don't tell me he's purposely ignoring us.

Hawk: Like hell he is!

Hawk begins waving his hands in front of The Mark's face.


Raven: It's nice to have dreams though.

Laura Kinney approaches the group and gives a sigh.

Laura Kinney: Not this, again.

Laura puts herself in front of The Mark and blocks his view of the photograph.

Laura Kinney: I'm not having this. You're going to tell me what's going on between you and Silvia right now!

The Mark remains quiet before putting his head down and placing a hand on his mask.

The Mark: It's a lengthy story, involving the first victim I had to remove.

(Begin flashback)

A young Silvia Johnson and a teenage boy eat supper in an apartment.

Silvia Johnson: Another day without the parents.

???: Of course.

Silvia Johnson: Planning on going out tonight?

???: No, I'm heading to bed.

Silvia gives a small smile.

Silvia Johnson: I'm glad to hear that.

???: I needed to grow up at some point, right?

Silvia Johnson: And stop attacking people you meet on the street.

The boy puts his fork down and wipes his mouth.

???: It's not random, I've saved plenty of people from being hurt.

He gets up and places the plate and fork in the sink.

???: But, I can't do this anymore.

Silvia places her own plate and fork in the sink and places a hand on the boy's back.

Silvia Johnson: I'm proud of you, Marky.

The boy gives a small smile to Silvia and goes off to his bedroom.

Silvia Johnson goes off through the front door as The Mark speaks as a narrator.

The Mark: That boy. He had interfered in many affairs, and a major one... involved the mob.

The clean look of the apartment shifts into the torn apart look that was seen in Silvia's flashback.

The Mark: I made him make a video. One that would explain himself and wipe his hands clean from his sin as best he could.

The voice of the teenage boy comes on.

???: I'm sorry... I'm sorry for hurting a lot of people, but at the same time... I can't.

The scene unfolds as it did in Silvia's flashback, but this time it shows The Mark, outside a window, looking in for a short moment before descending into the streets.

The Mark: In the end... Marcus Johnson was never found. And he never will.

Laura Kinney: And that's why you're nervous?

The Mark: Partly... because he's not really dead.

The flashback ends as The Mark lifts his head, the porcelain mask looking into the camera.

The Mark: But, he may as well be.

The camera shot moves away from The Mark and shows the rest of the group.

Raven: Hang on, that means Silvia shouldn't be upset with you, if this Marcus Johnson is still alive, all she needs to do is figure out how to find him!

The Mark: And besides myself, who could know where he may be?

Raven pauses.

Raven: Oh...

Hawk: No wonder you're a wreck.

Laura Kinney: I had no idea...

The Mark moves past them.

The Mark: I didn't want you to.

The trio stand together as The Mark goes to a corner and sits in a worn chair, his hands on his face.
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