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Grand Reopening of the Tag Champion cell (Needs approval from Dogpyle, Vicious Wolf, and Mai/Sakuya)

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Grand Reopening of the Tag Champion cell (Needs approval from Dogpyle, Vicious Wolf, and Mai/Sakuya)

Post by The Mark on Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:44 am

Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf stand in a rather charred cell. The floor has a lone carpet rug, the television is a dinky 13 inch screen, and the only place to sleep or sit in is a lone couch that sags in the middle.

Dogpyle: They finally did it.  They killed my (EXPLICATIVE) room...

Vicious Wolf: Our (EXPLICATIVE) room...

Silvia Johnson enters the room and clicks her tongue.

Silvia Johnson: Mark...

Dogpyle shakes in frustration for a moment.

Dogpyle: I... I can't handle this, right now.

Vicious Wolf: It's... not so bad...

Vicious Wolf's voice slowly becomes louder and angry as he talks.

Vicious Wolf: We have a TV, a single couch, black marks everywhere. It's not like we had a PS4, a big screen TV, and our own beds, and I HATE THIS (EXPLICATIVE) ROOM! I HATE THAT (EXPLICATIVE) MARK! I WANT TO GO INSANE! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Both Vicious Wolf and Dogpyle proceed to throw everything in the cell around and destroying what they have been given.

Sakuya passes by the cell as the couch is flung in front of her.

Sakuya: Hey!

The camera pulls away as a loud struggle happens in the cell.

Dogpyle: No! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Get your hands off of me!

Vicious Wolf: Blood! I want their blood!!!

The struggle finally stops as Sakuya and Silvia step from the cell.

Sakuya: Lock the door. I'm not going to have them come out like they are right now.

Silvia Johnson: You want them to stew like this?

Sakuya pulls close to Silvia, a large smile on her face.

Sakuya: Of course! It makes the meat you throw at them all the more tastier for them!

Sakuya's smile falls as she continues.

Sakuya: And two irritating mice called Laura Kinney and The Mark will be exceptional for them.

Silvia Johnson clenches her hands into fists at the mention of The Mark and relaxes them.

Sakuya: Give it time, Silvia. After they tear into their meat, you can pick apart whatever remains of Mark.

Sakuya continues on her patrol as Silvia locks the cell.
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