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Sakuya's the Crowd Pleaser

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Sakuya's the Crowd Pleaser

Post by Sephira on Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:45 am

The Camera turns to the Arena as the sound of music begins to echo. Suddenly Sakuya steps through the Arena entrance alone and slowly makes her way to the arena. As she walks, her expressions changes to that of a smirk as the crowd begins to boo her appearance. She stops at the Arena ropes, placing her hands into her top, pulling a glass dish from her chest. The sands within begin to turn color as the feint glimpse of 2 fighters can be seen in the arena.

As the music begins to dim out, Sakuya climbs to the ropes and pulls herself through, as she points to the Referee, a Microphone is given to her.

Nanael: I wonder what Sakuya is doing out here and more importantly what she has to say.

Sakuya: You. Leave, now. I want this arena to myself only.

As the Referee exits the Arena and stands by the commentators, the crowd begins to boo louder.

Nanael: The crowd not liking how Sakuya is treating the ref and quite frankly I don't either it is very rude.

Sakuya: Well, what a surprise the pigs of the realm would boo me. How simple minded and immature. I expected our fans to be much better then this, but instead, you are nothing more then blood craving little pigs. Oink. Oink.

Nanael: And now she is making fun of our fans, no need for that Sakuya, none at all comparing them pigs.

Sakuya lets out a snort before placing the Microphone back to her mouth.

Sakuya: Oh the big bad Sakuya is here to make another persons life a living hell and tonight, I'm going to pick on the so called 'Blood Champion', Magnum; who to be honest, has hardly earned his title so far. You've hardly had much of a fight and so far, you're more mouth then anything. You're a fraud. Unless, of course you want to prove me wrong. Oh, don't worry my dear boy, you can't say anything to me right now, I'm sure those Guard's keeping you locked nice and tight out of the grounds will delay you long enough you can actually think of what to put, rather then drivel and use that so called Lawyer to talk for you.

Nanael: I might not be a big fan of our Blood Champion Magnum but he sure has proven himself in the ring. Sakuya is just being a plain old bully right now and I completely disagree with what she is saying about the QBC Blood Champion. Too bad she can't say it to his face I would love to see how Magnum would respond.

Sakuya stops as the Crowd continues to boo.

Sakuya: Now, a certain Demon Hunter; if that's what you want to call him, has yet to prove himself too. In fact; I have an idea, let's take both, and put them together... in an I QUIT Match. Oh and the nice little stipulation; your title is on the line little boy. Now, let's add to this. If you tap, even once; you will be punished for defacing that championship. If you win, you'll go on to fight... Drake Stone, in a Steel Cage match. As for you Xalvador, if you win, you get the title, but you'll fight Chris Hunt the following week, in a Last Blood match instead. If you lose however, you will fight someone of MY CHOICE in a Steel Cage. So how about it, two steel cage matches in one week?

Nanael: Huge announcements coming from Sakuya right now. An I Quit match for the Blood Championship tonight between Xalvador Leinhart and Magnum. That match should be explosive. If XL wins he will have to face the QBC Champion Chris Hunt in a Last Blood match, oh my this is big news.

Sakuya walks to the ring and places her hand against the turnbuckle, looking at the crowd as they go silent from the announcement.

Sakuya: Oh, one more thing... Cobalt, your title is MINE and don't you forget it.

Sakuya exits the ring to the sound of music as the camera slowly dim's out.

Nanael: Folks I do not like how Sakuya acts but she put together a great match which is coming up. The Blood Championship on the line as Magnum who Sakuya compared to a little boy who didn't earn anything defends the title against Xalvador Leinhart in an I Quit match!!! Stay tuned.

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