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Azuray Taunts Alexis

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Azuray Taunts Alexis

Post by Sephira on Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:48 am

The Camera switches to the Jail Cells as Azuray can be seen leaning against the wall with a smug look on her face. She glares at Alexis in the distance who is getting her things ready for her match against Katatonia. As Alexis turns, she notices Azuray and stares back at her; her face now full with anger, she quickly approaches Azuray, who in turn stands straight and begins to faintly laugh.

Azuray: Awww, well look at that; poor little baby Alexis managed to actually put a fight up. I'm impressed, I expected such a little... dirty human girl like you to get your face done in by someone clearly superior.

Alexis let's out a loud grunt and points at Azuray, her voice raced in earshot of everyone in distance.

Alexis: Yeah well at least I wasn't licking the soles of Lilith's boots after a humiliating defeat! How's it feel to be kissing the boots of someone better and strong then you?

Azuray let's out a grunt and shoves Alexis back.

Azuray: How about I start making you kiss my boots for a change. I'm sure there's enough dirt under there for a dirty human like you.

Alexis clenches her fists and stares in anger at Azuray. Azuray let's out a smirk before continuing.

Azuray: Oh that's right, even the dirt under my boots is more worthy then scum like you. It would be an honor for you to be cleaning them. Oh well, I guess you'll just have to go back to sweeping the floor and trying to prove your gender... boy.

At that Alexis strikes out at Azuray, grapping her hair and tossing her into the wall. As Azuray bounces off the wall, the Guard's in the distance notice and quickly rush in.

Azuray: How dare you, you little [censored]. You best hope I don't get my hands on you!

As the Guard's begin to pull them apart the camera begins to fade out.

*Will carry this on tomorrow*
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