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Xalvador and Magnum, backstage brawl

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Xalvador and Magnum, backstage brawl

Post by Athenis on Sat Oct 12, 2013 8:24 am

Xalvador Leinhart is making his way to the ring when suddenly he is rushed by Sakaki

Sakaki: Sorry to disturb you Mr. Leinhart, but I have a few questions for you. Care to take a bit of time to share your answers?

Xalvador: I always have time for an interview Sakaki. Ask away. But please, i'm making my way to the ring so try to make it quick.

Sakaki: Right, so Mr. Leinhart. Your currently climbing the ranks here in QBC very quickly. You seem to have a lot of Confidence and seem to be building up a good quality fan base here.

Xalvador: Well, its quite simple to give the fans what they want here. A little blood goes a long way my friend.

Sakaki: Indeed it does. But now for my question, any future plans for you know? Do you plan on moving on to bigger and better things?

Xalvador: What do you mean exactly, last season i was involved in a very brutal Hell in a cell match which just so happened to be a Main Event at the ppv. Doesn't get much bigger then that.

Sakaki: You are right, however my question is more based on gold. Any title that your particularly wanting at the moment?

Xalvador: Well i think the past few weeks have shown what title i'm most interested in. I would love to have that Blood title if i could have a proper shot at it. And my very reason for wanting that is the guy who has it now. Magnum has never deemed himself a worthy title holder, least in my eyes. He always seems to find a way to weasel his way out of title matches just because an underdog wants a shot. I believe a champion shouldn't have a problem giving an underdog a shot and should be a fighting champion. Heh, especially in this hell of a place. Nobody should ever have a problem giving a beatdown to anyone.

Sakaki: You think it's smart belittling the champ like that? Magnum isn't one to take talk lightly.

Xalvador: Smart or not someone needs to spark an interest in him. Set a fire and watch it spread so to speak. I find it very intolerable watching him turn down fight after fight, turning away friends. It's quite sickening to say the least. I mean, why were you brought here in the first place?

Out of nowhere Magnum walks into view. He gives Xalvador a menacing stare then attacks him. He starts delivering punches knockong Xalvador to the ground. Xalvador quickly responds with a few blows of his own before Magnum goes on the offensive again. A few guards spot the quarelling and rush over to put a stop to it

Magnum: You should have listened to Sakaki and just kept your mouth shut. As for you wanting this title, now you can see why I try to seek out the right opponent.

Xalvador: Please, indulge me with your nonsense Magnum. What you seek in an opponent?

Magnum: Most just don't have the balls or brutality to hang with me.

The guards eventually calm down the fits of rage and send the respectful fighters back to their cells, causing more anger to build in Xalvador seeing now as his in ring events will have to be postponed


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