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Betrayed by Birds

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Betrayed by Birds

Post by The Mark on Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:33 am

The Mark, Laura Kinney, Hawk, Raven, and Airi are all grouped together, looking at an arena map.

The Mark: ...that's when we'll make our next set of demands.

Laura Kinney: Pardons for our crimes.

Hawk: A match with all of us going against Chris, Dogpyle, Vicious Wolf, and Vanessa.

The Mark: And a tag team championship opportunity for myself and Laura Kinney.

Raven: Now, you're sure that Hawk and I can't have that chance? When you and Laura went against them in a non-title match, they rolled you over, and that was before the entire gang came running out.

The Mark: Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf are not in their right mindsets. If we fight them, we have the mental advant-

The squeal of the grate leading to the underground is heard as everyone immediately stands up.

Sakuya: Come out, come out, little vermin!

Airi: Quick! The back way!

Airi opens the alternate route to see Silvia Johnson and a row of guards blocking the way.

Laura Kinney: We're surrounded!

The Mark: Stay close! If we're going down, we're going down fighting.

Hawk and Raven give little nods to each other and pull out syringes and jam them into Laura and The Mark.

Airi screams out before being restrained by Silvia.

The Mark tries to pull the needle out, but collapses to the floor alongside Laura Kinney.

Sakuya laughs as the guards surround and pick up the two bodies.

Sakuya: Bring both of them to the chamber, I have plans for The Mark specifically.

Hawk and Raven keep their eyes on The Mark and Laura Kinney as they're carried away.

Sakuya: Now, to honor my agreement. I have already made the work to have a tag team title match between the two of you versus Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf.

Hawk: Yeah, and don't forget about the other half of that agreement.

Raven: The 'Guaranteed' title match agreement.

Sakuya only turns and approaches the exit before turning back to Raven and Hawk.

Sakuya: You get the titles... then I will give you so much more than mere gold and leather.
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