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Hiding No More

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Hiding No More

Post by The Mark on Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:27 am

The Mark hangs by his wrists, chained to a wall as he's forced to stand. The porcelain mask remains on his body along with a lone pair of pants.

Sakuya and Silvia Johnson take turns in striking The Mark with whips, each strike making a cut on his already bruised body.

Sakuya: I've craved for this, ever since you've embarrassed me!

Silvia Johnson: I'll make sure to hit you with this whip for every day that I will never have with my brother!

The Mark can only shed tears, no sound able to escape his throat from the intense emotion and pain he is in.

The strikes continue for a moment before Sakuya raises a hand.

Sakuya: My arm has gone weary from this game, I have further plans to conduct. Silvia, keep this prisoner warmed up for my return.

Silvia: Of course.

Sakuya goes off as Silvia stretches out her whip and prepares to strike again.

Silvia: After all this time, I can make you suffer just like I have.

She sets the whip down and approaches The Mark.

Silvia: I'll do it while I watch your face twist in pain!

Silvia rips the mask off of The Mark's face and begins breathing faster in panic.

The Mark keeps inhaling sharply as the tears continue to fall.

The Mark: S- S- S- Sil- -il- ilv-

Silvia Johnson takes a few steps back, shaking her head as she does.

Silvia: Y- you can't be...

The Mark finally screams out in agony.

The Mark: SILVEE!!!

Silvia trips over the whip she had laid down and looks at it before kicking it away, not wanting to think that all of this time that she had been... she was... she...

Silvia: I... I-I...

Silvia keeps her eyes on The Mark as he continues to cry out her name.


Silvia shakes her head as her own tears begin to form.

Silvia: You were... I mean, he was...

The Mark: I WANT TO DIE!!! SILVEE!!!

Silvia: Marky...

Colbalt enters the chamber and sees Silvia crying on the floor and The Mark weeping in chains.

Colbalt: Wh-what?

Silvia tries to stand herself back up at attention, but can't regain the strength in her legs to do it, opting to continue sobbing in confusion and self-hatred.

Colbalt goes to help Silvia up when he hears The Mark yell out.

The Mark: Don't touch her!

Colbalt gives a look to The Mark and sees genuine fear in his eyes.

The Mark: She's the only family I have now...

Silvia runs out of the chamber as Colbalt continues to try and put everything together.

Colbalt: Just... just what-?

The Mark: She's learned the truth... her brother was alive the whole time. Me.

The Mark finally lets out a long breath of air, like a weight has simultaneously been placed on and lifted off of his body.

The Mark: Please... bring her back... I need to talk to her.

Colbalt gives a quiet nod and goes to leave.

The Mark: Wait...

Colbalt turns again to The Mark.

The Mark: Tell her that it's Marcus Johnson that wants to talk with her.

Colbalt seems to understand and leaves the chamber.

Colbalt: No one, and I mean, no one, enters this chamber without my permission. This includes Sakuya, no matter how much authority she thinks she has.

Male & Female Guard: Sir!

Colbalt continues on his way as The Mark relaxes his body and continues sobbing quietly.
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