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Blessed with a Brother, Cursed with a Murderer

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Blessed with a Brother, Cursed with a Murderer

Post by The Mark on Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:30 pm

Silvia Johnson looks out a window to the Molten City, she still sniffles from the complete breakdown she is going through.

Silvia: Two...years...

Mai casually skips past Silvia before skidding to a stop and looking back at the upset woman.

Mai: Are you okay?

Silvia Johnson sniffs and looks down at Mai.

Silvia: I... I don't know anymore.

Mai gives a confused look at Silvia.

Mai: How could you not know if your okay? It's either you are or your not.

Silvia: It's too complicated to explain.

Mai stomps a foot.

Mai: Phooey! I'm not dumb! Tell me what's going on!

Silvia looks at the window again before breathing in and looking back at Mai.

Silvia: You have a sister, right?

Mai nods.

Silvia: What would you do if she was taken away from you and you knew it involved a bad man.

Mai ponders for a moment.

Mai: Well, it's not like she's dead, so I would only be sad that she's not here with me for a little while.

Silvia blinks in confusion at the answer.

Silvia: You'd only be upset for a short while? You wouldn't try and find her or track down the person that took her away?

Mai goes quiet again.

Mai: Maybe. But even if I did, I'd know that Lily would be safe somewhere and no matter what, I could wait for her as long as I could.

Silvia tries to clear her throat and leans into the windowsill, her head falling into her hands.

Silvia: I'm such an idiot.

Mai continues to watch as Silvia talks.

Silvia: I've spent two years trying to find someone I cared for, two years training my body, my mind, my very core to find and capture the man that took him away.

Silvia looks back at the window and at her own reflection.

Silvia: And when I found him, I also found my brother.

Mai: That's weird, why would your brother stay with the man that took him away.

Mai gasps and puts a hand to her mouth.

Mai: Is your brother... erm, a boy lover?

Silvia: My brother was the man that took him away!

Mai goes quiet as she tries to piece together what Silvia said.

Mai: Wait... so, your brother was taken away by a man... but your brother was that man?

Silvia nods as Colbalt approaches Silvia.

Colbalt: Silvia, The... I mean, Marcus wants to see you.

Silvia: I don't think I'm ready to see him though.

Mai: Is Marcus your brother? Why wouldn't you want to see him? Two years is a long time to not see your brother.

Silvia: He betrayed my trust! I thought he was gone! But, this whole time, he was using another name, living another life!

Mai: It doesn't sound like he's using another name now.

Colbalt: Silvia, the man that I talked to was not The Mark. If it was, I wouldn't have seen a soul in his eyes.

Silvia takes a deep breath and turns to Colbalt.

Silvia: Sir, may I request that you come with me to see... Marcus.

Colbalt nods, a genuine smile crossing his face as Silvia stands up and composes herself. As they leave, Mai looks at them for a moment before hurriedly attempting to catch up
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