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Shattered Boundaries & Blooded Fingers

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Shattered Boundaries & Blooded Fingers

Post by Sephira on Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:22 pm

The Camera turns to the Jail cell's as Sakuya can be seen standing in a cell alone. As she looks at the bed she begins to clench her fists together. As the light reflecting from the window begins to fade, sending the cell into a darkness, Sakuya begins to breath heavier and heavier.

As the cell goes into total Darkness a loud scream can be heard following by the sound of objects meeting cement foundations. As Guard's begin to rush towards the Cell after hearing the noise, Sakuya can been exiting, her fists clenched tightly and her breathing heavy.

Sakuya: Your... time... is closing in Mark... I will see that you DIE!

Sakuya grab's one of the approaching Guards and slams them into a wall as the other Guard's look on in terror.

Sakuya: You will die slow, you will feel pain... I will enjoy every moment!

Sakuya suddenly throws the Guard across the floor before scratching her nails along the cement walls. As she drags her fingers deep, the flesh on her finger tips begins to wear away, leaving a bloody trail behind.

Sakuya: There will be blood... You, and your family will be MINE.

At that Sakuya slams her fist into the wall before running off into the Darkness.
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