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The Shift of Power (Pre-Match to Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf versus The Mark and Laura Kinney)

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The Shift of Power (Pre-Match to Dogpyle and Vicious Wolf versus The Mark and Laura Kinney)

Post by The Mark on Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:08 am

Hawk and Raven confidently stroll toward the arena entrance, knowing they are ready to take out Vicious Wolf and Dogpyle.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a tag team match, and it is for the Queen's Blade Tag Team Championship!

Hawk and Raven stay behind the curtain as they await to hear their music.

Ring Announcer: To determine the number one contenders, an unscheduled event is to take place right now! The number one contendership is a no disqualification, pinfalls count anywhere, tag team match!

Hawk and Raven stay confused as 'Bad Company' by Five Finger Death Punch plays. They go to the ramp and uneasily start their routine.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the tag team of Hawk and Raven, the Birds of Prey!

Before Hawk and Raven can finish going to the ring, 'Killer Instinct 3 - Theme' starts to play as Laura Kinney and The Mark jump from underneath the ring and begin hammering the two with chairs.

The bell rings!

The Mark fits a chair around Hawk's neck as Laura puts Raven's head on top and then fits a chair around his neck.

With a leap, both Laura and The Mark execute a LEGENDARY double leg drop on the sandwiched duo of Hawk and Raven.

As Hawk and Raven gasp for air, The Mark and Laura go for a cover on the individual wrestlers.

Referee starts counting...
Referee: ....Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
Referee: ....Twooooooooooooooooo....
Referee: ....Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

The Mark and Laura Kinney get up and get a microphone.

The Mark: It is easy to go down to hell; night and day the gates of Dark Death stand wide; but to climb back up again, to retrace one's steps to the open air, their lies the problem, the difficult task.

Laura Kinney: And guess what, Sakuya? Chris Hunt? Dogpyle and Wolf? We did just that!

The Mark: We're cut, bruised, and a little bit nuttier than we've been before, but we're not stopping! So Dogpyle, Wolf, I want you to try, just try, to destroy us!

The crowd becomes alive as The Mark whips his trenchcoat off and shows off his torn, but still rather decent looking, body.
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