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A friendly competition

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A friendly competition

Post by Crimson Mist on Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:27 am

A man appears behind Itasu, who scares him bigtime and runs against the wall out of reflexes.

Xalvador: Calm down, I'm not here to hurt you!

Itasu sighs.

Itasu: Sorry, have been having some trouble recently...

Xalvador starts lifting the weights.

Xalvador: Hmm, thats not good.. maybe you didn't train enough?

Itasu grabs another sets of weights, and starts lifting him, trying to be faster than Xalvador.

Itasu: Wait.. so you say i look weak?

Xalvador: Thats not what i meant at all, maybe you need more competition?

As he finishes that sentence, he starts to life twice as fast, while Itasu has trouble keeping up.

Itasu: This... Is... Getting.... Ridiculous!

Itasu drops the weights on the floor, and he starts to breath in and out loud.

Xalvador drops his weights too, and looks at Itasu

Xalvador: Alright then, how about we have a match, right here, right now?

Itasu: Hmm... Challenge accepted!

Itasu and Xalvador start walking to the practice ring in the training room.

Xalvador: Don't you hold back on me, hit me with all your power!

Itasu: Don't you worry, i won't hold back!


Itasu is still on the ground, recovering from the fight.

Xalvador comes up to Itasu, and extens an arm to him, offering to lift him up from the ground.

Itasu accepts the hand, and gets up

Xalvador: What an exciting fight, you almost had me there, thought it seems like

Suddenly, Itasu falls down, losing a lot of blood

Xalvador: Oh, it seems i have hit you a bit too hard!

Xalvador searchs for guards to help Itasu, as the camera fades out
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