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The Road Ahead

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The Road Ahead

Post by Rocky Hogan on Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:42 am

A black wagon is being pulled along on a desert road. The road is surrounded by nothing but sand in all directions; and endless sea of dust. The two red suns above fill the sky with their reddening glare. A female’s voice begins to narrate as the van continues on its endless journey.

Female Voice: I dreamt of mum and dad again last night. I have been for a long time now. But this time it was different. It felt real this time, like they were trying to warn me of something. It’s weird next week will mark 10 years since their death. I haven’t had a chance to go visit them for a while, but I will once we have finished this job. I’ll get the flowers mum used to always buy and I’ll fill them in on everything that’s been happening.

As the wagon passes a lone boulder by the road a black bird appears from behind and flies side by side with the wagon. A woman sitting in the passenger seat is leaning back on the wooden back panel looking into the distance.  She has golden hair and ocean like blue eyes that glisten under the two suns. She turns her head and looks towards the crow flying effortlessly beside the wagon. The female narrator continues.

Female Voice: I’ll let mum and dad know that Uncle Cid is fine, the same as always. Making sure we look after ourselves and train every day. Although I think he’s getting softer as he gets older. The other day I caught him and Savy grooming each other getting ready for a night out on the town. Apparently Savy was in need of a wing man, not sure what that is.

The woman looks to the man holding the reins, an old stocky man with a grey crew cut and a grey beard. She smiles to herself and looks towards the back of the wagon. In the back are two men. The first is lounging on a make shift sofa that is attached to one of the sides of the wagons wooden walls. He is lost in thought looking at tattered newspaper, occasionally smiling at it. He has wavy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He has a lean build to him. The female narrator continues.

Female Voice: I’ll let mum and dad know that Savy is still the same energetic man-child he has always been. And that our last target was the first type 2 anybody had encountered in over 20 years. And how Savy got himself hurt badly by being over confident and trying to defeat it by himself, and how Rocky nearly got himself killed defeating the demon and protecting us all from its wrath.

The woman turns her attention towards the other man in the back of the wagon. He looks a lot taller and bulkier than Savy. He has darker hair that is flicked to once side. He is sitting in the opposite corner to Savy with his head leaned back resting on the wall of the wagon facing the roof. His eyes are closed and he looks calm and relaxed. The woman looks at the man with a glint in her eye, she is smiling a little. The female narrator continues.

Female Voice: I’ll tell mum and dad how Rocky is getting stronger with every fight he has. And that even though he is becoming more powerful he still looks after us all and makes sure we are ok even though he is still young himself. I’ll tell mum that I think I’m… falling in love and wait for her advice even though I know it won’t come, so I will just keep it to myself and hope that my feelings don’t spoil what we have built.

Rocky as if sensing the look from the woman opens his eyes, they are a very dark colour, nearly black. He looks towards the woman offering her a welcoming smile. The woman blushes and smiles back. The two look at each other for a moment as if nothing around them matters, then from nowhere a cushion hits Rocky in the face. The woman smiles and turns to face the open road. In the back ground you can see Rocky keep his gaze on the woman for a while before his attention turns to Savy, the two then engage in a friendly scuffle. The woman now turns her attention to the empty desert outside. The female narrator continues.

Female Voice: I’ll tell mum and dad that even though I miss them with all my heart that I’m not alone. I have a new family, a family that makes me happy when I’m sad, that keeps me safe when I’m afraid, and keeps me feeling not all is lost. And together we make sure that other people do not suffer like we have, and if they have we make sure that we can at least make it safe for them to carry on and find what each of us have found. We are demon hunters that is what we do.

The woman looks towards the distance, her blue eyes starting to well up. The old man looks towards the woman and places his hand on her shoulder. The woman wipes her eyes and looks towards him. The old man offers her a comforting smile.

Cid: You ok Megan?

Megan offers a smile back and nods.

Megan: Yep, I’m fine, just thinking of mum and dad.

Megan turns to look out of the opened window. The wagon continues along the road with the two suns blazing in the background.
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