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Stars under the Moonlight's Gaze

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Stars under the Moonlight's Gaze

Post by Sephira on Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:58 am

Deep within the souls of humanity lies an entity of lust and greed the strength that no words can describe; born of which are the lands of darkness, compelled under the stormy sea of lies and contaminated dreams. Darkness, the blood that flows between the cracks of realty and consume the beings of minds, of power and weakness; she sleeps strong but wakes even stronger, colder, mournful and guilt ridden. Sea's and dreams entangle the realm of man, the forests of the earth weep but the storms of fire cry in enlightenment as she grooms the skins of those willing to step closer to their answer.

Young, Gardener of Dreams, let the Requiem and Rebirth be your light, as the flowing story's of life drift between my fingers, your calls to my ears. Lustful, grab my eyes and blind me but make me see what you see and long for true love and power; she calls for me and I call for her yet I cannot move more then an inch beyond my stable path to death and destruction. Riddle me, stroke my skin and cast me into the depths of hell; raise me and watch me cry for redemption.

The moon, brightly shines on my path before me, the crowds cry as I enter the vision of hope and dreams, my requiem of dreams comes closer, my rebirth of fantasy at my feet; the flow of souls slowly crushed beneath my feet as I walk closer to the answer, closer to the path of the dead, to the path of the living, to the cry's of fire, to the winds of water and the sanction of my internal demons that strive for more. I am more then a single being of optimal efficiency.

Darkness, is all that I want tonight, to crush the dreams of all and prove I am the ultimate being, the true champion of the living, of the dead and of the restless. Roll the dice and play the motion of which you desire to front; let your soul rip apart in the realm of Dreams and cry for more as she answers, as your requiem becomes reality. Be born again, be one with me, one with the unknown, be apart of the rebirth and let your fantasy's grow forevermore.

Alea Lacta Est, she sleeps and I dawn to release the dead dreams and make your fantasy become a reality.
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