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Grand Hall Of Skye (Pre Match RP for Savy Hogan)

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Grand Hall Of Skye (Pre Match RP for Savy Hogan)

Post by Rocky Hogan on Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:38 am

The city was lifeless under the two red suns; 500 hundred years had passed since the demon day incident. This city was once the greatest city in the known world, a metropolis of life, home to millions of different species all living their own lives not realising the danger that was approaching them. Now all this city had to offer was a mass of dust and derelict, collapsed buildings and the remnants of the life it used to home. Off in the distance a dark object was moving swiftly between the colossus man-made structures, perhaps this city still olds some life after all.

Rocky: Megan do you still have the reading? I’m finding it difficult to navigate through the dust clouds.

Megan: I’ve still got it, you’re getting closer. Keep heading north you should be able to see the building soon.

Through the crumbling structure of one of the city’s buildings a man dashes through effortlessly jumping to the next building and then the next until he comes to a halt and surveys what is in front of him.  You can’t quite make out his face as he has a black and white desert scarf covering his mouth protecting him from the dust in the air, but his eyes are a piercing black colour that look like they would swallow anyone who would look into them for more than a moment. His hair is of the same colour that shines when the sun hits it. Pressing a leaf pendant attached to his ear Rocky looks off into the distance.

Rocky: I think I’ve found it.

Megan: Good hang tight until we get the confirmation that Savy is in position. Cid can you see him yet?

Rocky stands calmly waiting for the reply. He takes in the scenery thinking of what it must have been like to be here when the city was full of life. He pulls down his scarf and takes in a deep breath and and slowly sighs it back out placing the scarf back into position once he’s done.

Megan: Cid can’t see him on the blood map yet. Hang tight while I go take a look, it won’ take long, you know what Cid’s like with the enchanted equipment.  

Rocky stands at the edge of a battered structure; bigger than the previous ones with the highest points that are still intact reaching high above the dust clouds, however the building is crumbling and looks like it could collapse at any second. In front of Rocky stands a much smaller building, a more elegant structure that on its proudest day would have proudly stood out amongst the rest of the hulking constructions.

Rocky: What did this place used to be?

Megan: The grand hall of Skye. This is where the old government of Skye used to meet, where the celebratory balls used to take place if you were rich enough to attend, and where the demon gate opened and consumed the city.

Rocky: It still looks grand even though it’s been battered by the dust. I’ve heard stories of the celebratory balls.

Megan: I know Rocky. I told you them.  I’ve dreamed of dressing up in a masquerade ball gown and being taken in my horse drawn carriage to a grand ball, being whisked of my feet by some handsome gentleman… sigh!

Rocky: Maybe one day I’ll take you to one Megan.

Megan: …

???: When you two have finished talking about girly dresses maybe you could tell me where the bloody hell I am!

In a dark room drenched by damp and mold a figure is having troubled wading through the dirt and water. The figure grabs something attached to his leg and twists it. The fire globe comes to life and lights up the room revealing a large spaced room filled with seating stands all facing in the direction of the figure. No longer covered in darkness you can see that the bottom half of his face is covered by a black and white desert scarf similar to the one Rocky is wearing. His eyes are a whirlpool of brown that glistens in the light of the globe. He is smaller than Rocky and not as bulky, he has a more leaner build.

Megan: Savy where are you? The blood map isn’t showing your location?

Savy: Umm well the thing is… That perhaps by chance… I might have misplaced the vial of blood juice.

Rocky: You lost it again didn’t you!

Savy: Yep, sorry. It tastes like feet! I didn’t want to drink it unless I needed to. But hey I think I’ve found the place. I’m standing on what looks like a stage and in front of me is a load of tiered seats. And… Let me… Just… Have a look… here... Nope don't have a clue! But man does it stink in here! And it’s all damp and stuffy in here. Megan you’re the expert why the hell is it filled with water in here and outside its completely dry!

Rocky: Savy you’re an idiot, how the hell do you always manage to go off plan. Megan we should have some water crystals in the wagon see if they can find Savy I need to know where he is. Savy hang tight don’t do anything stupid and don’t engage the target until I get there.

A crumbling sound can be heard from the distance, and then a crashing sound. Savy looks towards the sound and a cheeky smile appears on his face.

Savy: Umm… Yeah don’t think that’s going to happen, think I’ve been spotted. Looks like I’m going to have to start the party without you bro. I’ll try and save some left overs for you.

Rocky: SAVY! Don’t engage we don’t know what type of target it is yet! Dam It! Megan have you got his location yet I’m in the building.

Megan: I’ve got it he's in the main hall, head down the main corridor and then take a right you can’t miss it.

Rocky: Right got it. Keep in the loop I think we going to need your knowledge on this one.

Megan: Be careful Rocky, the reports suggest this is a type 2. Make sure you’re prepared.

Rocky grabs a fire globe from his satchel and before twisting it ties a piece of string around it so that it won’t float away. As he twists the fire globe it begins to float elegantly above him, making sure it’s secured Rocky races down the corridor not taking notice of the rotting paintings hung on the walls or the mold that is consuming the hallways like a plague.

Rocky Hogan: Savy Hang tight I’m on my way.
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