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She the Winds and Stars

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She the Winds and Stars

Post by Sephira on Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:15 am

She the mists of the path of which I follow; the dawn of the rising moon beyond the twin skys that cover the dark plains before her. She a figure of mans imagination yet of realism, her soft touch a reality that can bring you to your knees. Her taste resembling the plains of roses and light sunlight that seeks the mind and blesses the thought with more then your imagination can dream. She the mist, lost in the dawn of darkness, wondering for the next hunt.

Azuray, a women of divine entity and element; a striking pain in the side of those who lust, an imagination of the needy and the weak. Light on the step but heavy on the heart, she can embrace the soul of any man who lays eyes on her. Today however, she who hunts is lost beneath the mists of darkness as the realm seeks an answer to a question on the oncoming figures of element.

Azuray: Ah, sweet darkness, its so enticing of you to join me in my hunt for the next soul. Wish me not to grasp another human heart? Pity that blinding me won't stop me getting my next victim.

As she slowly embraces the blinding mist, light foot steps to continue her stride, an uneasyness can be felt through her skin as she senses an oncoming fortune in the distance. As she stops and raises her posture, seeking the direction of that which attracts to her, a distant object can be seen; one of which resembles like a scroll. As she moves closer, it begins to glow and a voice can be heard.

???: She who hunts, can not hunt what can be found within.

As she slowly approaches the object, she whispers to herself.

Azuray: I doubt what is within is hardly huntable, not for me.

???: She who hunts, is destined to die.

Azuray pauses, a smile slowly cracking across her face as the worlds go through her mind, like a challenge to test that of which she deems hers to take, souls to embrace, objects to be had. She lets out a laugh as the mist begins to thicken around the object.

Azuray: I fear not, what is within will be mine! You can not take that from me!

Azuray begins to run towards the direction of the object before her, licking her lips as she extends her stride; but is soon blinded by the mist that darkens around her. Suddenly a bright light strikes through the mists; her arms begin to ache and suddenly burn as a black like ink begins to cross along her skin, burning a pattern across her forearm to her finger tips. As she holds her arms to her chest in pain the voice speaks once more, this time louder then before.

???: She who hunts, more now fight for her Dreams or die!

As the mist slowly begins the fade away, a figure can be seen before her, standing firm.

Azuray: Bah, what is this trickery. No matter, you'll be dealt with and your soul will be mine for the taking!
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