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The Parade of... Animals?

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The Parade of... Animals?

Post by The Mark on Sat Nov 09, 2013 3:53 am

A lone man sits underneath a tree, napping silently by a dirt path. His nap soon becomes disrupted by the sound of a tambourine from afar, banging in a rather annoying and inconsistent beat. He tries to keep his eyes shut as the banging and ringing gets louder. His frustrations continue to build as his eyes refuse to fully shut. Soon the loud beats and clanging is greeted with a gravely female voice singing off-tune.

???: Oh, Mother, my Mother! Your leaves green, yellow, brown! Oh, Mother, my Mother! Your shade to be shared by Ahh-ahh-all!

The man's eyes open in frustration and goes to shout at the woman, only to see a bipedal fox dressed in female clothing, followed by a giant lion-man.

Fox: Look, Lion! Mother has granted us audience on our way to the arena's gates!

The man pushes back against the tree and hurriedly scuttles up to his feet, unsure of what to do.

Fox: Shall I tell you about our glorious Mother, who has given us such a wonderful array of nature this day?

Man: Keep away from me!

The fox-woman's eyes squint in anger at the man.

Fox: Mother's children roam around you every day. She lets her dear loved ones out under her cover, only for people to slaughter them for decoration and prize.

The man now tries to push against the tree further as both the giant lion-man and the fox-woman step towards him, even as he realizes he can't escape. The fox-woman's teeth bare out as a smile goes across her face.

Fox: Now her children come to return in kind...

As the man lets up his guard to cover his face, Fox turns her head up unexpectedly and starts sniffing.

Fox: Someone follows.

Fox turns her head back down to the man and puts her muzzle close to his face.

Fox: Another time, Mother calls us elsewhere.

Fox gives a lick to the man's cheek before Lion smashes his paw down on the top of the man's head and knocks him unconscious.

Fox: Come, Lion. Our true calling waits for us...

Lion and Fox look out toward the arena as the birds in the trees disperse into the sky.
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