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New Opportunities

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New Opportunities

Post by Kid Spaulding on Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:27 pm

Main Street lays deserted and covered in mud after a downpour.  There are no signs of life except for a groan coming from the wilted door of the inn.  A rat crosses the street and stops his scurrying as it crosses the door.  It sniffs the are and bolts again as the last remaining conscious patron runs out of the inn in tears. There are only limp bodies in there now except for three.  Baby Spaulding sits on a table in her dress and looks up at a hulking monster and his prey.  He looks like a more menacing version of her, with wilder white hair and his emotions clear on his face instead of hidden.  Kid Spaulding holds a wounded man against the wall by his neck.  Everything, from the man's slight whimper to her brother's heavy breathing, seems to pause as Baby clears her throat.

Baby: You don't have much time, scout. Kid's eyes have gone white. I don't know how much longer he's going to control himself.

Scout: I do-don't know what you're talking about.

Her laughter vibrates from her diaphragm and ends with a bored sigh.

Kid: Where are they?

Scout: What are you- grk- Who?

Baby: Easy does it, Kid.  We mean our father's group, of course. You are going to tell us how far they are and if you have already sent word of our appearance.  I know how sneaky you scouts can be.

Scout: I don't know what you're talking about.

Baby: Oh come on. Don't waste our time. I know you're with them. You may not bear the emblem but you do bear his mark. Right there on your back.

The scout involuntarily reaches for his lower back and looks into her eyes for a second before closing them.

Kid: You bear the mark!

Baby: It's a shame Kid had to hurt all these people before you would show it to us. Now you can save yourself by just giving us this information.

She stops when the scout laughs.  When he speaks again it is in a different tone.  Cooler, calm, and dangerously professional.

Scout: You won't let me go. The Captain warned us not to make contact alone. We know about your reputation. I'm already dead ain't I?

Baby doesn't answer. She just smiles with a gleam in her eye.

Scout: If I'm already a ghost let me tell you this:The Captain will find you. He sacrificed too much already so we won't stop. No matter where you go we will be right behind you to get you back. Your father is-

Kid squeezes the scouts neck and bangs his head against the wall three times.  He stops when the scout goes completely limp and goes over to his sister, dropping the body like a damaged toy.

Kid: What are we gonna do?

Baby: We don't have much time. Even if he didn't get in contact your little episode here will have them coming.  The town's going to be in a state when they come for their morning breakfast.

Kid growls in anger and hidden shame.

Baby: It is no matter. I heard of a whispering in the wind. There's a fun place we can go. A place with its own set of rules and boundless opportunity.  You can even let loose, I think.

Kid grins the grin of a raider and grunts.

Kid: Where?

Baby: You'll see.  There's nothing else of value to us here so let's get going.

She laughs and jumps from table to table as Kid kicks bodies out of his way.  She waits for him to clear the entryway and helps her to the ground before they leave together.

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