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Into The Wilderness (Show 2 RP 2)

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Into The Wilderness (Show 2 RP 2)

Post by Rocky Hogan on Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:54 am

Savy and Cid make their way through the unknown town they happened upon 2 days ago. This was the first time they had ventured out of the inn in the hopes to find some supplies before heading back to help with the care of the unconscious Megan. This was also the first time they had properly seen the town during the day as Rocky didn’t want them to attract any unwanted attention when they arrived, thus confining the four of them to their inn room until Megan was better. But that plan wasn’t going to last if they didn’t have enough supplies. It was Cid who pointed this out to Rocky and it was Savy who convinced Rocky to let him and Cid help by acquiring more.

Savy Hogan: You think Megan will be ok?

Cid: I’m sure she will be fine it seems like a light fever, probably caused by the doorway. This is a new world after all so who knows how far we have travelled walking through it. Plus Megan like always has a lot on her mind, so mentally her mind must of taken one hell of an impact coming through that door. It also explains why you were even more energetic once we had passed through too.

Savy thought back to the doorway, the fight with the beast known as Dravica, and how it was one of the toughest he had ever fought. Savy also thought about coming through the other side of the doorway and walking into what looked like a normal every day grass field but with one difference. In the sky there was only 1 sun, Rocky was the first to notice, that’s when Savy knew they had walked into something a lot bigger than just your average monster hunt. Megan must of realised too because that is when she collapsed. Savy’s train of thought suddenly drifts.

Savy: Hey! What do you mean it explains why I was more energetic! I have a lot on my mind too you know!

Cid: I have no doubt little monkey.

Savy: Hey! You know I don’t like that name! You know it makes me… Oh wait what’s that smell?

Savy distracted by the smell looks off into the distance. With a hungry look on his face he turns towards Cid.

Savy Hogan: This way!

Cid watching Savy race off takes his time to take in the view. Standing atop a steep path he can see the whole town. And further past the town an endless bright blue ocean. Cid thought to himself that it looked like an average port town with its half-timbered built houses and its cobblestone paths just like the ones on Elyssa with ships docking and going, bringing in what they had to sell and taking away what they had bought. But he knew that this was a new world and he was excited at what it had to offer. He eventually follows after Savy catching up with him.

Cid: Just remember we need to get supplies and then head straight back, I don’t want to get involved with anything… anyone… until we know Megan is healthy.

Savy: Got it!

As Savy turns smiling a cheeky smile towards Cid he doesn’t notice leaving the alley way and walking into a huge opening. Cid stops in his tracks with a look of astonishment on his face. Confused Savy turns to face the same direction.

Savyl: Wow!

The large town square is encircled with market stalls, the vendors bellowing their wares to attract the customers. On an elevated stage in the middle of the town square a band plays an unfamiliar but uplifting tune. There are entertainers performing around the square some of them attracting a bigger crowd than others.  The whole town square is buzzing with life, but not just any life, all life! There are humans going about their tasks, but there are also animal like humanoids and insectoids in the crowd; vendors, musicians, entertainers, towns folk going about their daily tasks. In disbelief Savy and Cid enter into the scene looking around like a couple of school children on their first trip out of school, not quite sure of what to make of the things in front of them. As Savy’s gaze follows a towering insectoid figure dressed in a rainbow coloured gown with 3 fly like eyes and massive pinches he backs into another figure. Looking at the nervous look on Cid’s face Savy slowly turns to face the figure. Coming face to face with a piece of cloth Savy looks up stretching his neck as far back as it can go, taking a step back Savy puts out his hands in an apologetic gesture. Towering above the youth is a bulking bull like beast, its head is so big and intimidating that it shades Savy’s face from the sun, its body even bigger with Savy thinking to himself that if he comes out of this alive he’s going to tell Rocky that it was easily the size of a house. Staring right into Savy’s eyes with its black eyes the beast does not look happy.
Savy: I’m so sorry mister it was just an accident!

Beast: MISTER! How dare you human! My name is Fren and I’m all woman!

Savy: Oh!

Savy looks back towards Cid who has a smile on his face, knowing he has dug a deeper hole for himself Savy tries to turn on his charm.

Savy: My mistake the sun was blocking my eyes. And now that I see you clearly… Wow! May I applaud your beauty ma’am.

???: By Morg what is going on Fren! You haven’t sold anything today!

From behind the market stall another bull like humanoid appears, this one however is even taller than Fren. Wearing what look like shorts but is obviously large man sized trousers, and two leather sashes crossing over its chest with the rest of the clothing being made up by the fur on its body. Savy now in the presence of two towering beasts feels a little out matched.

Fren: I’m sorry Bren but no one has use for your wares, Mother told you this before we left!

Bren: Don’t start with this again! You’re obviously not promoting them right!

Fren: Listen here little brother! Carry on insulting my skills and this town will turn into a blood bath!

Savy taking the opportunity sneaks away while the two beasts continue to argue with each other. Cid falls in beside him.

Cid: Well that was interesting.

Savy: I can’t believe that was her little brother! Just imagine if she had an older one! What the hell is this place Cid? Half the things walking around here we hunt for a living back on Elyssia. Look at them! Bar their physical looks they all look so…

Cid: Human.

Savy: Normal.

Cid: This is a new world Savy. Everything here will be different to what we are used to.

Savy: Not everything!

Trying to locate what Savy is looking at Cid doesn’t notice Savy rush off.

Cid: SAVY! SAVY! Where the hell has he gone!

From out of the crowd Savy sneaks back and hands Cid a small leather pouch.

Savy: Here I found this on the floor… What!? Alright I borrowed it from someone…  I’ll pay them back later. Anyway we don’t have the right currency here so how are we going to get supplies. This will hopefully be enough, the guy I borrowed it from smelled nice. I’m going to scout some more. I’ll meet you back at the inn, I’m going to probe the information outlet.

Cid: You mean the tavern don’t you.

Savy: Yup.

Cid: I don’t think it’s a good idea, but I know I won’t be able to convince you otherwise. Look after yourself and just remember your training if anything happens.

Savy: Ok old man got it.

Cid: Oh and one more thing… get the drinks in I won’t be long.

Savy pats Cid on the back and nods to him with a smile then disappears into the crowd. Cid chuckles to himself, scratches his head and then starts to plan his next move. Once planned he walks in the opposite direction also disappearing into the crowd.
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