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Don't Look! (Show 2 RP 4)

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Don't Look! (Show 2 RP 4)

Post by Rocky Hogan on Mon Nov 18, 2013 10:19 am

The inn room faced out towards the sea, the window of the room wasn’t a big window but it opened out ok letting the sea breeze through. Rocky was sitting on the small chest that had been arranged under the window.  The inn was situated on top of a hill a good 500 yards from the dock. Looking out of the window Rocky surveyed the landscape of Port Sorboa. Watching the dock Rocky could see a number of ships anchored with people coming and going from them, he couldn’t make out the features of the people as from where he was looking they seemed like small silhouettes going about their business. There was an alley to the left of the inn, Rocky could make out parts of it where there were dips in the half-timbered houses. He thought to himself that it was a thin alley tightly packed in between the houses, getting surround in an alley that thin would prove a difficult task to overcome. At times people would walk past heading in the direction of the dock, watching a pair of fox like humanoids walking down the alley Rocky thought back to a moment ago when the sight of new species nearly made him think this was all a dream; The shock of seeing a man sized insect wearing human clothes carrying a tray of food and water had made Rocky pinch himself to make sure the sight was real. But after having a nice conversation with the insectoid Rocky had found out a little about this new world. Rocky thought back to the conversation.

Rocky: So Garth right? This world is called Otessa? And you have never heard of a place called Elyssa?

Garth: Yessss thatssss right. Otessssa the world of oceanssss. I don’t recall Elyssssa being one of the daughterssss of Lady Death. There are many planetsssss in thissss galaxxxxy but I’m afraid Elyssssa issss not one of them. But perhapssss if you take a vissssit to the local sssscholar housssse you may find ssssome information on your Elyssssa.

Rocky: Lady Death?

Garth: The god of earth, sssshe who makessss the ssssand and treessss, sssshe who raises mountainssss and givessss life to the ground.

Rocky: Ok. I take it then that Elyssa is not well known to many around here I’m guessing. Where I am from there is only humans. And our god are the sister suns. So please excuse my surprise at your appearance and culture.

Garth: I am not offended we get many new facessss around Port Ssssorboa becausssse we are the clossssesssst issssland to the Val'Rhinesss capital; Val'Ela. Apologiessss I must take my leave now, work to do. I will leave you to relaxxxx.

Rocky remembers watching Garth leave wondering what the hell he does now trapped in a world he knows nothing about. Back in the present Rocky clears is mind and carries on looking out the window waiting for the return of Cid and Savy. From the wash room Rocky hears sounds of movement. Rocky speaks to himself.

Rocky: Megan must be finished.

Megan: Rocky?

Rocky: I’m here.

Megan: Where are you?

Rocky Hogan: I’m looking out the window why?

Megan: Good I’m coming out to get dressed so don’t look ok!

As Megan speaks a loud blow horn noise comes from one of the ships coming into dock. Rocky doesn’t hear what she says. As Megan comes out of the wash room with a towel wrapped around her, she places her clothes on the bed. Rocky turns to face in the direction of Megan to ask what she had said. At the same moment Megan collects her damp hair and pulls it over one shoulder squeezing out the water that it still holds. The towel wrapped around her begins to lose its grip and starts to come lose.

Rocky: What did you sa…..

As if by fate Rocky faces Megan as the towel comes lose and drops to the floor leaving a bare Megan standing there still gripping her hair. Rocky’s whole body freezes staring at Megan, all sorts of feelings surging through his blood, feelings that he didn’t know he had. Megan standing there like a goddess, the sun shining through the doorway of the wash room illuminating her beauty, the water drops dripping down her skin so elegantly sparkling as the sun light hits them, her body so masterfully put together by the heavens every bit fitting perfectly with the next. For that short moment of purity Rocky is blown away, appreciative of what he is witnessing before the realisation hits Megan. She looks up at Rocky staring at her with a look she has never seen him portray before, instantly knowing why a look of terror crosses her face and she scrambles grabbing whatever she can in the attempt to cover her modesty. Successful in her attempt her face blushes in embarrassment.

Megan: Rocky what the hell! I told you not to look!

Rocky: I… I… I… I’m… I’m

Megan: Please go! I will be out once I am dressed.

Rocky shields his eyes and walks towards the door knocking into a dresser then knocking over a vase that is on a table. Reaching the door he turns back to Megan still shielding his eyes.

Rocky: I’ll be outside… Sorry.

Rocky leaves the room leaving a still red faced Megan. Once the door closes she weakens at the knees throws her head back and falls on to the bed covering her face with her hands in an attempt to hide her embarrassment.  

Megan: OH MY GOD!

Simultaneously Rocky enters into the corridor with the picture of Megan etched into his mind. He looks a little flustered. As he closes the door he leans his back against it looking to the ceiling.

Rocky: …Wow!

Cid: Hey there kid you ok? You look a little flustered. Is Megan ok?

Rocky jumps to attention being surprised by the arrival of Cid. Regaining his composer he approaches Cid.

Rocky: Yep everything is fine! I left Megan to get changed. She awoke while you were gone and has seemed to be more active over the last hour. Did you manage to get everything?

Cid: That’s good to hear, I knew she would be fine. And yes I managed to get some but whether they are the same as what we are used to I can’t say. Everything is different to Elyssa, even the food. But I tried some and haven’t suffered any side effects… yet.

Rocky: Great, thanks Cid… Where’s Savy?

Cid looks at Rocky with a smile and a; ‘I tried to stop him look’. Rocky sighs and pats Cid on the shoulder.

Rocky: Thanks Cid it must have been weird out there, but I didn’t want to leave her.

Cid: I know.

The room door opens and Megan walks out silently. She looks at Cid and smiles a beautiful smile, Cid smiles back at her and gives her a huge hug grasping around her arms and body not letting go until Megan makes a little grunt noise and starts tapping him on the leg. Cid lets go with an apologetic smile on his face. Megan looks at Rocky who is staring back at her, the two look at each other for a moment without saying a word. Cid noticing the silence coughs to break their attention on each other.

Cid: Savy is waiting for us in a tavern in the market square. Let me show you what surprises this place has on the way.

Rocky and Megan nod and let Cid lead the way. Megan still looking a little embarrassed waits for Rocky to make his way, Rocky turns to Megan and the two lock eyes once again. Rocky offers his arm towards Megan, she hesitates for a moment and then smiles a shy smile and takes it. The two walk down the corridor arm in arm with Megan tightly hugging Rocky’s.  

Rocky: Have you always had those freckles by your belly button?

Megan: You git! I hope they sell some memory blanking tonics here.

Rocky: I don’t….

Megan stops and stares at Rocky with a confused look. Rocky looks at her seriously for a moment then smiles a cheeky smile. Megan shocked at the reaction whacks him on the shoulder, the two carry on arm in arm down the corridor.  

Meanwhile Inside ‘The Mermaid’ guests are enjoying some drink and food, there is laughter, singing and a little rowdiness. A local bard is performing by an unlighted fire, the buxom waitresses are doing their rounds. At a table in the corner of the room sits Dayona with two femcat females, one of them sitting on his lap with her fingers caressing his hair, the other sitting next to him enjoying his company. There are a number of empty and full jugs on the table, the three of them are talking and laughing with each other. Suddenly the tavern door bursts open silencing all that are present. After a moment that lasts for ever two hooded figures walk through the door making their way to the centre of the tavern. All eyes watch as the figures come to a halt. One of the hooded figures begins to speak.

Hooded Figure 1: We are looking for a man named Daytona! If you know of this man then step forward and tell us where we can find him, Otherwise today may very well turn out bad for everyone here.

A hulking humanoid with canine features approaches the two, He is wearing leather armour and has a sword sheathed at his side; most likely a local mercenary. With an intimidating stance the beast makes his presence known.

Canine Mercenary: I’m not having that good a day anyway! And with you two coming in here and disturbing my down time is making it that much worse! I suggest you take you skinny hides an…

The seconded hooded figure with lighting speed attacks the canine mercenary with an open hand strike to the throat. The mercenary crumbles to the floor gasping for breath. The first hooded figure slowly takes down their hood revealing themselves; Blue of skin with gills on the side of each cheek, complimented by a red Mohawk fin that extends down to her neck. A female humanoid with fish features, she looks annoyed and inpatient.

Amara: My name is Amara… And this is my sister Adorra.

The second hooded figure stands up straight, above the unconscious canine mercenary, pulling back the hood revealing a more delicate appearance to her sister. With pale purple skin and white Hair growing either side of her own red Mohawk fin. Amara lets the guests have a look. In the corner Daytona is still enjoying the company of the femcats and doesn’t take notice of the commotion.

Amara: We are the Siren Sisters! You all know who we are and you all know what will happen if anyone goes and squeals to the captain of the guards! This won’t take long we are just looking for a friend.

Amara smiles a devilish smile and surveys the crowd. Nearly everyone is looking into their glass or trying to find something to look at in the attempts to hide from Amara’s gaze. A young man is sitting at the bar on his own trying his hardest not to look at the sisters. However curiosity gets the better of him and he makes eye contact with Amara. Smiling Amara points to him, the young man tries to look away but knows he has been seen.

Amara: You! Yes you boy. You look like someone who likes to help people. Now be a dear and help us on our way and you can get back to your lovely afternoon.

Amara nods towards Adorra instructing her towards the young man. As Adorra approaches him she can see that he is trembling, a bead of sweat dripping down his face. As she comes face to face with him she caresses his cheek, she brings her face close to his, their lips millimetres apart. Locking eyes with him she whispers.

Adorra: Pretty boy help us find who we are looking for.

The young man now visibly scared shakes in his seat, with Adorra’s eyes staring directly into his the man looks to his left. Adorra not realising what the man is doing tightens her grip on his cheek, feeling the pain the man again looks to the left. Realising he is directing her Adorra looks over to the corner of the tavern. Still sitting there oblivious to what’s happening is the man they are looking for. Adorra seductively removes her hand away from the young man’s cheek and licks the drop of blood on her fingertip. She smiles at the young man and then takes her place by her sister’s side, the two make their way towards the corner of the tavern.  

Amara: Hello Daytona.

Daytona: Oh Sh…
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