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The French Tragedy

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The French Tragedy

Post by Rocky Hogan on Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:27 am

Here is my first short story for Show 3 about the war. thought I would add it for everyone to see. My next one will be about a soldier on the day the cease fire was announced. Let me know what you think.

Looking into a futuristic smart screen the viewer is finishing watching the latest news show. On the screen two news anchors are looking very smart. The male anchor looks quite mature with white slicked back hair and a white, well-trimmed moustache. Wearing a light grey suit he speaks into the camera as his beautiful blonde haired co-anchor waits for her cue.

Male Anchor: The Government is issuing a call back on all A001 models as the new A001a will be shipping out in a couple of weeks.

Female Anchor:  I can’t wait to get mine!

Male Anchor: Well that’s all we have time for tonight, coming up next; Cloud XIX with the weather.

As the two anchors smile at the screen a popup appears on the bottom right hand side advertising something; ‘New top secret video realised of the Sylocin fallout. New insight of the French Tragedy… Would you like to no more?’ The viewer’s hand touches the popup on the screen and a new video appears. Before the video plays there is an introduction screen that looks very much like a computer dos screen.

…. 24 A.E. 1/12/24 …
… State File …
… Classified …
… Authorisation Granted …
… Dr Hammerson web cam, 12:00 CET, 26/7/2190 …
… French Tragedy …

The screen changes to a white noise screen that reminds the viewer of an old before A.E. camera, in this case a basic webcam. As the picture fuzzes in a man appears wearing a white lab coat, he looks middle aged with dark brown messy hair and full stubble complimented by big glasses. Behind him you can make out a tech lab setting, there are a number of people also wearing lab coats rushing around behind the man, you can also see a number of basic A.I.’s wandering around following orders. The viewer realises that this must be Dr Hammerson the famous scientist responsible for the French Tragedy, Looking tired Dr Hammerson talks into the web cam.  

Dr Hammerson: We finally cracked it! We can’t quite believe it ourselves but we finally did it! Dr Kyle thought it couldn’t be done, but by god we have done it. We are going to end the war with this… finally. It was simple really, too simple! At first we thought the resource was alien to our planet, of course we did, us scientists couldn’t get round the fact that it has just been sitting on earth forever just waiting to be found.  So our first tests were based on assumption and caution because we weren’t sure where it had come from, but then I had a theory. What if this wasn’t alien at all, what if it was something that we just hadn’t found before? Using tried and tested methods I managed to extract everything I needed to know. The first thing you need to know is that (resource name) is renewable! Heating the liquid causes it to release a natural form of gas, but the remarkable thing is that the liquid to gas ratio is 1:50. And even more astonishing is that when freezing the Sylocin and burning it from its frozen state the ratio increases to 1:100!

Dr Hammerson is smiling into the web cam with a look of relief and confidence.

Dr Hammeron: So now here we are. Hundreds of power plants have been built across the world. We are now in the 12th month of the cease fire. Everything depends on what happens next. This is it world, a turning point for mankind. See you on the other side.

Dr Hammerson adjusts his glasses and tidies his hair, smiling to the web cam he turns and starts to direct the other scientists around him.

Dr Hammerson: Dr Tyler is everything in place?

Dr Tyler: Yes sir, all the stations are online and are ready to start production.

Dr Hammerson: It’s been a privilege working with all of you, without you none of this would be capable. This is your triumph as much as it is mine. Right then everyone… Let’s save the world!

From the web cam you can just about make out the control panel that Dr Hammerson is standing at. He flicks a switch and the lights in the room dim, a red light on the far wall starts to emit a red glow into the room as it whirls about. Dr Hammerson pauses for a moment and nods to everyone present, he then presses a button and you can hear a loud generator powering up around the room. All the scientists are moving around reading handheld devices. A large blue hologram appears in the centre of the room depicting a structure of some sort with illegible readings at the side of it.

Scientist: Readings are normal Dr Hammerson. Everything is running smoothly.

Dr Hammerson: Excellent! Dr Tyler what is the thermo reading in the containers?

Dr Tyler: All reading at 100 sir. They are ready.

Dr Hammerson nods and presses another button on the control panel in front of him. Part of the hologram starts to illuminate a light green colour. All in the room pause for a moment intensely looking at the hologram, eventually the light green turns yellow. Dr Hammerson presses another button.

Dr Hammerson: Releasing the gas into the reaction chamber.

Everyone watches the hologram as the yellow starts to move across it.

Dr Hammerson: Closing the containment chamber... Opening air filter… Dr Tyler, heat readings please.

Dr Tyler: All stable sir

Dr Hammerson: Releasing gas into generator.

Dr Hammerson watches the hologram as the yellow light eventually turns to a light blue light. The whole room erupts into cheers and one of the scientists pops a bottle of champagne. After watching it for a while Dr Hammerson makes his way to the web cam with a huge beaming smile on his face.

Dr Hammerson: We’ve done it! We’ve ended the war and given mankind the chance to make a new future. This will go down in history as the…

Suddenly a deafening alarm fills the room, A look of confusion crosses Dr Hammerson’s face as he rushes back to the control panel. The whole hologram has now turned an intimidating red colour, the other scientists are rushing around the room checking their handheld devices and other control panels.

Dr Hammerson: What is happening!

Dr Tyler: One of the water pipes have burst and the H2O is having a reaction to the gas.

Dr Hammerson: How the hell did one of the water pipes burst?

Dr Tyler: The gas seems to have a corrosive effect! We never tested it on a large scale! The water pipes are being melted and the water is leaking into the generator.

Dr Hammerson: What about the other stations?

Scientist: Reports are coming in sir… its happening in every one of them!

Dr Hammerson: Dear god!

A huge explosion can be heard in the background as the room shakes and debris falls from the ceiling.

Scientist: Genrator one has blown sir! The gas is leaking into the other chambers! The gas is burning through everything! If it reaches the containment chamber who knows what will happen!

Dr Hammerson just stands silent looking at the hologram in front of him. Everyone is panicking trying to get his attention. Suddenly the far wall explodes and everyone is sent flying, the web cam falls to the ground but still films with a fuzzy, jumpy screen. One of the scientists closest to the wall starts to hold his neck gasping for air as the invisible gas enters into his lungs, black spots begin to appear on his face until all his visible skin turns black, falling to the floor the scientist remains motionless. A hand with black spots slams into view, eventually Dr Hammerson’s face appears in view covered in black spots, as his whole face turns to black the last view is of him staring into the camera, his blue eyes eventually turning black. The web cam cuts to white noise and the dos view returns.

… At 12:15 CET On Thursday 26/7/2190 Dr Hammerson and his team turn on the Sylocin power stations worldwide …
… At 12:35 CET the natural gas created by Sylocin corrodes the water pipes in the generator’s causing the water to mix with the gas causing the water to become acidic …
… At 12:40 CET the acid burns through into the containment chamber holding the solidified Sylocin mixing together causing a nuclear reaction …
… AT 12:41 CET, 10:41 GMT, 05:41 EST, and 03:41 MST all Sylocin power stations suffer the same fate releasing a worldwide nuclear explosion …
… At approximately 12:51 CET, 10:41 GMT, 05:41 EST, and 03:41 MST only 10% of the human population remain …
… On the 27/7/2190 the war officially ends …
… Would you like to know more …
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