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Event File: #Emotion Core Generator 2231

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Event File: #Emotion Core Generator 2231

Post by Sephira on Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:29 am

Welcome to Telsa Corporation

Due to System Maintenance, certain files are unavailable at this time. For more information please contact the System Administrator.

Booting Drive X1231, Databank 46, File Code 2x55B3_F2s1

-Warning- Boot Drive X1231 Corrupt, Reverting System Core 21412 to Hybrid Core 223. Please Stand By.


-Success- Boot Drive X1231 Restored.

...Accessing Database...

Welcome to Telsa Corporation, please enter your Username and Password.

Username: Neptune
Password **************


Welcome Neptune.

Urgent message from Megan Rose.

Subject: Emotion Core Generator
Date: 6 A.E
Time: 18:54

From: Megan Rose

Neptune, something is wrong with Emotion Core Generator, the resources recovered from the War are still causing stabilization issues. I've sent Eloxi VI, Code Model 221 in to investigate the Mainframe feeding Generator 2231 but she hasn't returned yet. I think the Core has destabilized completely, I've evacuated most people from the Generator Facility but I'm worried about Model 221, she's served on the Construction and Maintenance team for years now and her file states she is almost ready for Upgrade and release.



Construct Message: Callback Model A001.

Remove all A001 from the Public. Emotion Core Generator 2231 has failed. Model A001 where constructed with 2231 Cores and we can not afford Core Overloads leading slaughter of public. Release A001a using Core 2272 Valentine Alpha Omega.

Do not hang around, press the Government Officials if you must. Will update you at a later day.


...System Shut Down...

Following the War in 2200, a new resource was discovered that was capable of providing power to the World with extremely slow burn rate. A cease fire was called as the Resource was harvested, causing temporary peace to humanity.

The Events to follow, would change the World forever.
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