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Daytona's Gimmick

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Daytona's Gimmick

Post by The Mark on Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:35 pm

Name - Daytona

Entrance Music - Television Rules The Nation / Around The World / Harder Better Faster Stronger [STUDIO] - Daft Punk

Gimmick - Street Racer

Story - Street racing has seen a resurgence. While many of the car owners manage robots to drive their vehicles, Daytona drives his personal vehicle and still manages to outperform many of the insane machines he races against with unimaginable skill and foresight. Despite his talent, Daytona is seeing a loss in profits because more and more machines from the Tesla Corporation are taking the place of physical drivers and are winning using underhanded tactics. As an act of defiance, Daytona signs up for CIE to purposely find and sabotage at least one part of the company to lower the amount of trust people have in Tesla products.

To help him combat against this outrage, he asks his Crew Chief to help create a suit that can replicate his reaction time and speed in the ring as he does on the track.

Aggression: 30%
Intelligence: 50%
Charisma: 70%
Brutality: 50%
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