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The Resource War

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The Resource War

Post by Rocky Hogan on Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:15 am

Thought I'd add the first entry. Please feel free to change/add anything in order to build upon the war.

…. 24 A.E. 1/12/24 …
… State File …
… Authorisation Granted …
… The Resource War …
… Would You Like To Know More …

Between 2155 – 2168 the world was facing its worst ever crisis. The oil fields had started to dry up and by 2169 70% of the world’s oil fields had been drilled dry. Prices were already at a record high and oil producing countries had ceased selling oil to the world, keeping what they produced for themselves.  

Animosity grew between the powerful nations of the world and on 19/11/2169 a world meeting was held. Hosting the leaders from every nation in the world the plan was to settle the oil crisis and return prosperity to the world. However many egos were at play and nothing was resolved. The world split into two; The United Nations Alliance which consisted of democratic minded countries including the Americas and Europe, and the Asian Soviet Union which consisted of Russia, China, Japan and North Korea. There were also countries that choose to be independent including Australia, Africa and the world’s biggest oil producer Saudi Arabia together with its neighbouring countries.

The world continued on a stagnant line for a while, however in 2172 Saudi Arabia closed of all oil supplies to the world and merging together with its neighbouring countries declared themselves as an independent nation; The Saudi Arabia Sovereign.

In the face of this new issue a meeting was called between the UNA and ASU to solve their differences in an attempt to open up trade borders once again. On 28/11/2173 a meeting was held at the UN Security Council Chamber in New York. There the leaders of the UNA and ASU discussed for 3 days but nothing had been agreed.

UN Security Council Chamber 28/11/273

A short break had been called for the leaders to take a breath from the meeting and reorganise their ideas. However before the break could take place the UN Security Council Chamber was attacked by an unknown terrorist group resulting in the deaths of many of the UNA and ASU leaders and the destruction of the council chamber.

'Mural' by P.Krogh

With the two most powerful world bodies’ leaderless chaos ensued. The ASU took the strike as a sign of war and assembled their armies invading Eastern Europe and South Asia.  The UNA caught off guard lost many countries to the ASU but soon was able to hold them off. The world was at war once again, and on 14/2/2174 The Resource War had begun.

Between 2174 and 2189 the world was witness to death and destruction. Australia was consumed by the Japanese, South Korea fell to its northern sibling, and Africa had joined the ASU invading southern Europe. The Americas were not without its problems either. With millions of refugees entering the Americas in the hope to flee the fighting the countries began to get crowded, and in 2182 a new deadly form of the flu appeared eradicating millions.

The Saudi Arabia Sovereign did well to hold of the ASU for many years but with the alliance between the ASU and Africa the fighting in their borders became more intense. Agreeing an alliance with the UNA was their only choice and in 2187 the two joined forces. With Saudi Arabia still holding the world’s largest oil supply the UNA was able to use their resources to bolster their equipment. Fighting back the African invaders the SAS was split in two, with the UNA and SAS holding half the country and the ASU and Africa holding the other half. However in 2188 the ASU introduce a new type of mecha weapon named Hulkers. The war in the SAS soon served towards the ASU side and with the majority of the SAS land under ASU occupation the last target was Riyadh; the UNA and SAS last stronghold.

'The fall of Riyadh' by A.Majkrzak

On 12/7/2189 the ASU 1st – 5th Russian Hulker Battalions besieged Riyadh. An intense fight ensued costing the lives of millions from both sides, Riyadh was destroyed but in the destruction something was found, something that at first seemed other worldly, but once the worlds scientists had examined it a little bit of hope at been found.

A new resource was uncovered under the carcass of Riyadh and a worldwide cease fire was announced on the 26/7/2189 that would last a year. Within this year the world scientists had the opportunity to examine this new resource and come up with a way to utilise what it had to offer. If successful the war would end and the countries would come together using the new resource to rebuild the world.

On July 26/7/2190 The French Tragedy destroyed the world.    

… File End …
… Would You Like To Know More …
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