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Event Log 2232D: Experiment Requests

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Event Log 2232D: Experiment Requests

Post by Sephira on Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:23 am

...Entering Database...
...Accessing File 2232d...

...A.E 4...
...Location: Telsa HQ...
...User: Processor Lilynette...

Suddenly a video begins to play. A beautiful young women stands in front of the Camera, wearing a long white coat with a low cut chest. She places a pen in her mouth as she smiles at the Camera and holds a data pad up to her face before lowing it with a sexy smile.

Lilynette: Professor Lilynette signing in for Duty. I thought you might be glad to know I might have cracked it. There is something different about this resource, nothing like anything recovered before. If I wasn't mistaken, you wouldn't think it had come from this planet at all. I've started to break it down, bit by bit and run scans, even had the A.I involved. It seems to react when in vicinity of them, almost like it's calling out to be placed within. I want to run an experiment.

Lilynette places the Data Pad on the table beside her and walks out of site. Soon she returns holding a lump of glowing rock in her gloved hands.

Lilynette: I want to take this and dissect it. I believe it could hugely enhance our Robots, make them much more life like. In the current situation, our Robots function at a very basic level and our competitors will soon be popping up all over the place once they figure out the value of A.I assisted labor. I want to travel to one of the Emotion Core Generator's, and insert the resource directly into to processing and test an A.I with the resource infused Core. If we monitor them, we could possibly gain a huge advantage and who know, one day maybe we could see how it responds with the human body.

Lilynette places the resource back into a container before removing the gloves. As she walks back to the camera, she adjusts her coat and picks the Data Pad up. As she taps on the Data Pad, a large drawing of a Generator appears on the screen with the numbers 2231 flashing on the screen.

Lilynette: I will begin making preparations to make my way to the Generator. I request that a group of Engineer's be put under my command so that we can work on the manufacturing of these special models. I have started working on a special A.I bot I will use in the test's. These test's will be extremely dangerous, so keep the media away from us, we don't want our rivals catching wind of what we're up to. Lilynette signing out.

...Video Offline...

In A.E 4, Lilynette began to travel to Emotion Core Generator 2231, a journey that will change her life forever.

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