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Event Log 6553A: Biometic Cell Experimentations #2

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Event Log 6553A: Biometic Cell Experimentations #2

Post by Sephira on Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:34 am

Event Log: 6553A
Year: 6 A.E
...Starting video...

Lilynette: It's almost time. I've made all the preparations I need, including closed off the entire sub section in case things go horribly wrong. The Cells are showing positively to the organ testing so I think it's time to take it to the next level. I could not get a volunteer so I am going to go ahead and use myself. I've requested that if things go wrong then let it go wrong, if I don't survive then it means playing god is simply not in my own power.

Lilynette walks over to the A.I on the ground at the corner of the ground. She slowly lifts it up and places it on her back, her legs shaking from the weight as she pulls a tube from its body and inserts it into her chest.

Lilynette: I've upgraded my robot. The moment I inject myself, a trigger will be hit and it'll automatically begin sucking the blood from my body through its own and back into my veins. This process will allow its own resource enhanced core to communicate with the cells in my blood and hopefully trigger the communication barrier we want and allow it read every single life sign in my body. It should be able to read everything from my blood sugar, my blood cell count, my mood based on brain waves among other things. With that, if it detects my life signs lowering, it should make some attempt to stop it, especially if it reads that if my life signs hit 0, its own could do as well.

Lilynette slowly walks over to a table, her legs slowly buckling from the weight of her A.I on her back. She grabs a Needle and holds it against the Camera, showing a yellow like glowing liquid.

Lilynette: The biometric cells ended up causing the result to shine Yellow, hopefully this won't have a lasting effect as I do not think people will be most impressed if they end up being glow in the dark, especially as yellow isn't the most appealing color the be glowing! What I will do next, is insert the needle directly into my arm, it'll automatically release the substance into my blood stream and trigger the A.I to filter my blood through its shell.

Lilynette lifts the Needle against her arm and shaking presses the sharp point of the needle against her skin.  She lets out a large sigh before looking up at the ceiling with a tear streaming down her face before pushing it in, triggering the Needle to release the cells into her veins.

As the Cells begin to enter her blood stream, the A.I triggers its own system and begins to transfer the blood through its own body. As Lilynette stands before the camera, a slow black mark begins to show on her arm where the needle hangs, slowly spreading along her arm. As Lily looks down noticing it, she begins to breathe deeply, closing her eyes tightly and preparing herself.

Suddenly the cells begin to warp with her blood stream, causing the red blood cells to take on a new form, different from the original tests; this time glowing a shade of green and changing shape. It spreads as the black marks on her skin begin to take a new shape, taking on a pattern. However things soon change, as the new blue cells begin to heat up, burning the internal organs as they flow through. Lilynette begins to scream and slowly loose balance as the cells travel through her entire body.

Suddenly her eyes open, as her once blue eyes turn completely yellow , glowing brightly as her skin begins to change to a new color, similar to her blood cells as the black marks slowly travel further up her body as she lets out loud screams that can be heard through the entire corridor. Lilynette begins to fall towards the Camera, grabbing the surface and pulling herself up as her yellow eyes look into the distance, she begins to stutter words out.

Lilynette: S-s-something is wrong... N-n-nothing like this happened in the tests... i-i-it burns... I-i-t burns so much...

Her entire skin changes color as the blood cells all warp and take on a new form. Her veins begin to rise to the surface, showing a distinctive movement as if her blood is thickening too great for her body. As Lilynette begins to let our more screams, her legs begin to buckle as she tumbles to the floor, knocking the camera to the ground with her. She grabs the camera and holds it before screaming into the microphone.

Lilynette: Kill me! Kill me now! Somebody please end this... I-I-I can't take this anymore...

Suddenly her yellow eyes begin to fade as a yellow like liquid begins to drip down her face. She lets our a deathly scream before slapping the camera away, turning her body away as a stream of yellow liquid travels down her body and onto the floor. She begins to lay on the floor, her A.I still attached, unresponsive as her body begins to shake as she lays into a ball on the ground.

Suddenly an alarm begins to sound out throughout the entire building as the room begins to flash red but Lilynette just lays there, rocking as her clothing begins to melt away, exposing her now blue like skin while her hair slowly changes to color as it runs along her back. The black marks stop traveling and lay around her body like a tattoo.

As the alarm continues to sound, Lilynette can be seen withering in the corner of the camera, her feint voice can be heard almost singing to herself. Suddenly her A.I awakens as lights can be seen from all over its body.

A.I : Systems activated. Warning. Low life signals detected. Warning: User life signs faded. Initiated repair. Activating backup systems. User life signs at 5%. Starting Emergency Medical Procedures.

As the A.I can be seen extending itself, an earth quake sounds through the entire room, knocking camera away as Lilynette can be heard letting out a cry for help.

...Video stops...
...Report: Explosion Detected in Generator...

In A.E 6, Lilynette injected herself with a new Cell with the intent to merge her own blood with the blood of an A.I to allow Humans and Robots to become one.
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