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Glory Has Many Meanings

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Glory Has Many Meanings

Post by Rocky Hogan on Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:44 am

Intro to Rowan Rose story

The world changes around us with every breath we take, what we see today will be something different tomorrow. We live to make a difference for our future selves no matter what the cost. That is the human way. There are those that strive for power, to be the one at the top of the world regardless the cost. There are those that think a selfless act benefits only the recipient. The end result is always the same, chasing the need to make the world see how you made a change in the attempt to feed your own vanity. No matter the result humans are only in it for the glory, they feed off it like a drug. In 24 A.E. even though the landscape has changed humans are still the same. What’s left of them anyway.  In a bustling city filled with cloud reaching skyscrapers and 24 hour A.I. polluting factories lives one soul looking for her glory... to feed her rage, to answer her sadness, to quell her breaking heart.

In a darkened apartment lit only by the city lights breaking through the gaps of the window shutters and from a small computer screen placed on a coffee table a slim figure sits on the windowsill looking down on the city. Lost in sadness she sits waiting for something to remind her of the glory that she once had. As if to answer her thoughts a voice from the computer can be heard.

… Play back initiated …
… 8/12/6 12:30 …
… Call file …
… Rowan Rose …

On the computer screen appears a picture of a confused looking woman. She looks middle age but still very beautiful, with long black hair that is tied into a plat and a pair of complimenting glasses she speaks into the web cam.

Rowan Rose: Hello? Can you hear me? The signal is not great from here. I’m 100 feet under the ground. Cid?

Cid Rose: I can hear and see you fine honey. It’s good to hear from you, Megan and I are just enjoying some father daughter time, although I don’t think she really needs me around she is happily entertaining herself, Look.

Cid turns his camera to face a small little toddler girl. She is wearing blue jeaned dungarees with a yellow jumper. Her hair is the same colour as Rowan but in pig tails. She is tinkering with a mechanical toy that when she releases it it starts to spin around in a circle. Turning the camera back to face him, you can see that Cid is smiling.

Cid Rose: That’s the third one she has built this morning. She has definitely got you brains and my looks. We have a future genius on our hands honey, not sure they’ll be much need for me once she turns 16.

A giggle can be heard coming from Rowan. The woman sitting in the windowsill listening to the conversation rests her head on the wall and looks up towards the ceiling. The tears building up in her eyes start to sparkle in the light coming in from outside.

Rowan Rose: Of course we will still need you. Without you who will do the housework and cook the dinner? And not to mention I have certain maintenance needs that need regular attending too.

Rowan winks towards the camera with a beautiful smile. The woman on the windowsill lets out a tearful laugh.

Rowan Rose: Let me speak with her, I’m missing her like crazy.

Cid Rose: Sure honey. Megan, Megan, Your mother is on the phone, come speak with her. Tell her how wonderful you father is.

Megan Rose: MMUUMMMMYY! HHHIII! Guess what I built!

Rowan has a massive smile on her face and a glint in her eye as she watches her daughter energetically show the creations she has made. The woman in the windowsill begins to mimic the conversation.

Rowan Rose: WOW! Look at them!

Megan Rose: One is for you, one is for Daddy, and one is for Sam.

Rowan Rose: Sam?

Cid Rose: I had to tell her, she overheard me speaking to Nanny Rose. Hope you’re not mad.

Rowan Rose: No it’s fine. She would have found out sooner or later. I see you have got in their first with Sam though, you sly man.

Cid Rose: You know I love that name.

Megan Rose: I am going to be such a big sister. Sam will be my little helper.

Rowan Rose: Yes he will darling, yes he will.

The woman sitting in the windowsill stops her mimicking and raises her knees to her chest leaning her head into them. Cradling her arms around her shins she squeezes tightly. A siren begins to sound from the computer. On screen behind Rowan the room begins to darken and red lights start to flash all around her. A computerised voice echoes from behind her.

Warning Signal: Warning! Warning! Exposed substances have been detected! Warning! Warning! Exposed substances have been detected!  

Cid Rose: Honey what’s going on?

Rowan Rose: Nothing big darling probably just a drill. I need to go, but I will call once everything is sorted. I love you both so much. Megan you be a good girl for daddy ok.

Megan Rose: Ok.

Rowan Rose: Ok darling Love you. Speak to you later.

Rowan disconnects the call and the voice from the computer begins to speak.

… Call End …

The woman in the windowsill still in a cradled position is crying inconsolably. Rain begins to fall outside hitting the window encasing it with water drops. From a dark corner in the room a continuous beep can be heard. The woman ignores it and eventually the beeps stop. An answer machine recording of Megan begins to play.

… Beep …

Megan Rose Recording: Hi sorry I can’t answer the phone; I’m probably covered in grease fixing stuff. But please leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

… Beep …
… New Message Received …
… Play …

Cid Rose: Megan its dad. I hope you’re doing ok today, I know this day we normally spend together and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to you. I’m crazy busy at the moment but I have booked a ticket that will get me to you tomorrow. I placed some flowers on mother’s grave this morning… it looks pretty just like her, just like you. Anyways I’m welling up here, Love you honey, see you tomorrow.

… Beep …
... New Message Received …
… Play …

???: Holy **** Megan where the hell are you! I found them. I can’t f’in believe it, but I have got them! They were just sitting there on the Telsa Corp deleted directory. They didn’t even fully erase them! I have emailed them to you. You got to check this **** out. It’s everything you’re looking for. You can finally have some closure. Speak to you soon.

… Beep …

Megan is now sitting at her computer frantically typing, trying to get to the information on her email. Finding what she is looking for she pauses. Sitting back into her sofa she lets the final tears fall over her cheeks, wiping away the remnants she leans back towards the computer and hits enter.

… Event Log: 6552A …
… Year: 6 A.E …
... Starting Video ...
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