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Glory Comes To Those Who Wait

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Glory Comes To Those Who Wait

Post by Rocky Hogan on Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:20 am

The rain hammers on the window like a crazed flock of birds trying to get in. Inside the dark apartment sits a woman who has had the fog lifted from her eyes. She has known about the incident that had claimed her mother’s life but never knew how it took it, until now. Megan Rose rests on her couch in the dark, her eyes and nose red form the sadness that she has had to endure this night. Holding a phone to her ear she has a renewed purpose.

Megan: Thank you for sending me this. You are a true friend.

Person on the phone: What now?

Megan: Now they pay. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually they will pay. I will bide my time, wait for my opening. I will destroy Tesla Corporation for leaving my mother and brother to die.

Person on the phone: What do you need me to do?

Megan: Nothing, this is on me. I don’t want to put anyone in danger.

Person on the phone: But…

Megan: Please! I have to do this alone. I won’t contact you again. If anything happens deny all knowledge of our meetings ok.

Person on the phone: …

Megan: Promise me you will!

Person on the phone: ok.

Megan: Thank you for all you help.

Person on the phone: Happy I was able to give you some peace of mind. I have sent you one more file that I found. Goodbye Megan.

Megan hangs up the phone and approaches her laptop. Taking a seat on her sofa she leans towards the screen. She highlights the files that she has just watched and moves them over to the computers recycle bin and deletes them. Bringing up her email she reads a new email from the person she has been speaking with. She hovers over the link within for a moment then clicks on it.

… Telsa Corporation …
… Deleted File …
… Eloxi VI Memory Chip …
… Incomplete Data …
… Camera Feed …
… 8/12/6 9am …
… Play …

The screen comes to life. Rowan Rose is sitting on her bed folding up some clothes, her black hair is flowing down her back. Wearing a black vest and green underwear she is in mid conversation.

Rowan: Yes you are part of the family now. Once I have finished my time here you will come back home with me and you will be part of our family.

Eloxi VI: Tell me about Megan. Will she like me?

Rowan stops folding her clothes and stares at them for a moment. A smile appears on her face.

Eloxi VI: What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong?

Rowan looks towards the screen smiling.

Rowan: No you didn’t. I was just thinking of my little girl. She will welcome you with open arms Eloxi. Megan is such a lovely little girl. A loving, caring, intelligent little girl! She follows in my foot steps you know. She has an engineer’s mind. Last month I surprised her with a visit, she was in the middle of building a robot toy when I came in. She was so happy to see me that she nipped her finger on a screw. Her happiness soon turned into tears but mummy was there to hug the pain away. Having her in my arms is the most precious feeling I have. Whenever I am down I think of Megan and I am content. She is my sunshine.

Rowan looking at her clothes sniffs a tear away.

Rowan: Look at me crying!

Eloxi VI: Would you like me to record  a message for her? I can send it to her later when I charge my systems.

Rowan: That would be lovely. Thank you Eloxi.

Rowan puts the clothes down and moves towards the screen. Wiping the remnant of a tear from her eyes she takes a breath to compose herself. She nods to Eloxi VI to begin recording.

Rowan: Hey little lady. It’s mummy. Not long now till I’m back. I’m missing you so much honey, you are always on my mind. And no matter what I will always be there for you. I hope you’re keeping an eye on Daddy because you know how he can’t look after himself. I love you so much honey. Hugs and kisses.

Rowan blows kisses towards the screen and finishes with a beautiful smile. The video pauses. A finger runs down over the image of Rowan.  

Megan: I love you to…

In a darkened apartment sits a young woman searching for her glory to feed her rage, to answer her sadness, to quell her breaking heart. The fog has been lifted from her eyes.

Megan: Neptune, Lilynette. I will reveal to the world your true appearance.
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