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Dr Rowan Rose Bio

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Dr Rowan Rose Bio

Post by Rocky Hogan on Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:20 pm

Dr Rowan Rose

Dr Rowan Rose was one of the leading engineers in the early days of the Telsa Corporation. Her research and skills helped make the concept of the Emotion Core become a reality. Assigned to Emotion Core Generator 2231 Rowan was in charge of overseeing the operation and maintenance of the facility. She was a loyal employee and dedicated her life to the Telsa Corporation in the hopes to better mankind.

A caring person who would put others before herself at any moment, a loving wife and a devoted mother she cherished the time she spent with her family; Her daughter Megan being the apple of her eye. A cheerful bubbly person she would brighten up any room that she entered.

With a truly brilliant mind she was destined for big things. However tragically in 6 A.E. an incident occurred at the Emotion Core Generator 2231 that caused the destruction of the facility. Included in the casualties was Dr Megan Rose. A wonderful human being that will be remember fondly by all that know her.
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