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Professor Lilynette (Before Blast)

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Professor Lilynette (Before Blast)

Post by Sephira on Fri Dec 06, 2013 8:07 pm

Every brilliant mind has an unearthly goal to achieve that no one before them has managed to achieve. But, how far are some willing to go to hit that target and have their name go down in legend?

Professor Lilynette of Telsa Corporation is one of the greatest minds of her generation, only 18 when she enrolled in Telsa Corporation as one of the Founders in A.E 1. She was the main driving force for the design and advancement of A.I, with Neptune as the financial backer having gained her Family's fortune following the War in 2190.

In A.E 4 she began researching the concept of 'Emotion Core' along with Dr Rowan Rose, completing the first Beta using a small portion of Resource, giving birth to the first ever Eloxi model. After multiple failed attempts to bring a robot to 'Life', Lilynette secretly took an Eloxi model to her Lab to work on but during the processing of the Core, she accidental cut herself and her blood entered the main Core Architecture; giving birth to the first 'Valentine Core' that was placed in the Eloxi VI series.

To conceal her mistake, she kept this particular Eloxi VI for herself and taught it how to be more human, hiding the true reason it was different to any other Eloxi model. In A.E 5, the Emotion Core Generator 2231 was constructed and became a main processing plant for the Emotion Core's for the A series. In A.E 6 Lilynette began to experiment on the Resource, using her original mistake to try and advanced the Core in an attempt to enhance general purpose A.I as well as later allow Human's to have Implants to enhance themselves.

After monitoring Generator 2231 for some time and noticing Rowan's effort's for the company she later picked her team to work with on her experiment, allowing her to have direct access to both Core's and Resource. She became self aware having seen how Syolcin and Blood Cell's react to each other that this experiment could ultimately be her last. Having seen the progression of the Eloxi VI model she owned and how human like it was becoming, she gifted it to Rowan Rose, feeling herself and her family would look after it better and give it more of a normal life then she could.

Lilynette began making preparations for her last experiment on site, using her own body to implant herself with a Core through the painful process of self mutilation, all in the name of progress. Having been found out just how far she was willing to go to achieve what she wanted, she engaged in a confrontation with Rowan Rose and later stormed off. She overheard the conversation between Rowan and the Eloxi model.

Believing herself to be a failure, that nobody could trust or believe her any more; that nobody will be proud of what she was doing. she took the last steps and shut down Sub Section 8, locking herself in her Lab where she would commit her last experiment alone.

She was ready to give her life for what she believed she could achieve.
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