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The Debut of C.I.E

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The Debut of C.I.E

Post by Sephira on Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:38 am

More to be added. The idea is it'll be revealed they have 2 A.I developed to enter IEW for Telsa; who will debut on the debut in this RP against 2 Criminal's who are due to be Executed. The Criminal's will lose and the Ringmaster will call for them to be executed at the A.I's hand, who will proceed to brutally force the Criminal's onto the ground onto their before both delivering a forceful stomp to the face (Eloxi will be hesitant but Lilynette will override her Core on her Datapad). The camera will go dead to the cheer of the Crowd and a written part that in A.E 22 IEW became C.I.E and numerous A.I where entered into the Wrestling ring.

An Arena can be seen as crowd of smartly dressed people can be seen crowding into the seating area as a man holding a cane dressed in a suit can be seen standing within the Ring, closely watched by various Camera's hoisted around the Arena.

Ringmaster: Come one, come all to the greatest show that's about to grace your pitiful existences. Telsa Corporation has decided to thankfully reward all of your time and money with a viewing like no other. You have all heard about the new rise in Sports Entertainment. You have all seen that this so called... 'Wrestling' is taking the world by storm. Yes we are not benefiting from it! We, the greatest company of all, the producers of the Technology that has saved humanity are getting nothing.

Ringmaster: But, that is about to change my friends. As today, with the buyout of shares in Industrial Evolution Wrestling... we the god's of humanity today will finally start making profit. Oh, how our fingers will be deep in coin as the simple minded will come flocking to see what we have to offer compared to any other so called 'Federation' on this dying planet.

Ringmaster: Oh but what do we have that they don't I hear you call. Oh what is so great that Telsa Corporation is so much better! Well, that is what you're here for isn't it? To see just what that is. Well, I'm happy to show you the greatest advancement in this fine company. Long has Telsa produced life saving A.I that is to be thanked for our very survival; but what of the A.I that over time become damaged or simply, do not make it past production stages?

Before the Ringmaster could continue, a skeletal hand slides across his shoulder and begins to stroke his cheek, causing him to stop dead. His face freezes as the skeletal hand begins to caress his cheek before suddenly scratching against his flesh, causing him to let out a feint sign of pain as her finger's cut into his skin, causing his cheek to dripped with blood over her fingers. As the figure comes into full view, it rest's its chin of the Ringmaster's shoulder and reveals itself to be Lilynette.

Lilynette: That'll be enough. As much as I would love to hear you drown out all our ear's with constant babble I would much rather get this show on the road.

Lilynette slowly slides her finger into the Ringmaster's mouth and forces him to suck the blood of her finger's. As she slowly pushes her fingers in and out of his mouth, she slowly slides her other hand to his neck and slowly strokes his skin, breathing against his skin as her finger's slide to his ear. She then begins to slide her fingers through his hair, circling her fingers in a motion as the Ringmaster begins to breath heavier with his eyes looking straight ahead, trying not to catch her gaze.

Lilynette: Now let's get this show on the road. I am sure our audience are eager to hear just what we have in story for them, don't you?

Lilynette quickly pulls her finger's from the Ringmaster's mouth and wipes them on his suit before walking around him, winking at him while walking towards a seat in the audience. As the Ringmaster lets out a gulp, the camera quickly turns and follows Lilynette as she takes a seat beside a dark figure who hands her a datapad. She spins her finger at the Camera, signaling it to turn its focus back onto the Ringmaster as she begins to tap on the Datapad.
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