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Time to make your own choices

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Time to make your own choices

Post by Rocky Hogan on Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:39 am

A lifeless Eloxi VIII sits motionless on a Telsa Corporation hibernation chair, wired to a number of monitoring devices on display on the control desk behind her. Numbers and words appear on the screens to relay the condition of the mechanical marvels within her body. A lot has changed since the 2231 incident. Luckily for Eloxi VIII she is machine, the events from 2231 wiped from her memory. You can do that with A.I., reprogram them for new purposes. Humans on the other hand remember everything; you can’t wipe the misery and heartache from the body no matter how hard you try. One who knows this all too well stands staring up at Eloxi VIII. Wearing grey Telsa made engineer overalls, her black hair tied in a plat hangs over her shoulder, her piercing blue eyes glistening at the thoughts of what could have been.

Megan: Eloxi VIII power up.

Bright blue lights power up all over the white body of Eloxi VIII.

Megan: I am Megan Rose, lead engineer for your test phase tonight. Telsa number 246581. Assignment brief 151224, commence facial recognition.

Eloxi VIII turns her head down towards Megan. Scanning with her eye scanners Eloxi VIII uploads the required information and sits back as her chest plate opens up.

Megan: Commencing final maintenance check, turning off cameras and recorders to prevent any interference with Eloxi VIII’s internal motherboards.

Megan stands there for a moment then looks around the room to make sure no one is around. Once comfortable that she is alone she quickly takes of her engineer overalls. Wearing a black leather loose fitting corset, grey pinstripe hot pants, and black Earth Keepers boots Megan hops onto Eloxi VIII’s lap. Pulling small parts out of her tool belt she begins to combine them together.

Megan: I know you can’t remember me and I know you won’t remember her. But she made a promise to you and I won’t let her promises go un-kept. You deserve better than being that monsters lap dog. You deserve a chance to make your own choices.

Megan pulls out a number of tools and starts to tamper inside Eloxi VIII’s chest. She then takes the device in her hands and inserts it into the Emotion Core of Eloxi VIII. It takes a while for Megan to connect the device and she begins to sweat from the heat generating from Eloxi VIII’s insides. Sitting back Megan wipes the sweat from her forehead and smiles. She hops down and takes a couple of steps back.

Megan: Eloxi VIII maintenance complete. Run installs and shut down.

Eloxi VIII’s chest plate closes up. With her processers still running she sits there quiet and motionless. Megan now wearing her engineer overalls again walks towards the exit. As she goes to leave she pauses and looks back towards the A.I.

Megan: Time to make your own choices.

After a moment she turns and leaves, the door slowly closing behind her.
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