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Easy Tiger

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Easy Tiger

Post by Rocky Hogan on Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:52 am

The backstage area is buzzing with activity; a huge area within the arena that looks like a nicely decorated warehouse floor. Members of the Telsa Corporation marketing, events, catering, and engineering departments are busy going about their jobs. From a small door in the corner two young men appear. Both wearing black tuxedos the man on the left has short blond hair with a cheeky look about him, the man on the right has black hair and is half a foot taller, looking more relaxed then his friend. Both of them look like they have well-trimmed physiques

Savy: I can’t believe you agreed to do this! Look at us we look like posh gigolos!

Rocky: You must be feeling comfortable then little brother! And you know why I agreed to this. Something big is about to happen to IEW and I want to be ready for when it happens. Being here gives us a chance to see what the would be owners have in store for us.

Savy: Yeah I know. But we still have to waiter to a bunch of big noses!

Rocky: Just smile and look pretty like you always do, stay out of trouble, and the night will fly by.

Rocky turns to his brother and smiles, Savy replies with a sarcastic grimace. The two brothers walk towards the catering area. Savy’s face lights up.

Savy: At least we get a free meal tonight, that’s always a bonus. Man I hope they have chicken!

Rocky: You know that **** is fake right! There hasn’t been a natural born chicken in years! It all comes from tubes now!

Savy: I don’t care it tastes good and there’s plenty of it! Plus it doesn’t bloat me as much as the other meats.

As they approach the buffet a crazy looking man in a suit rushes towards them. With a thin must moustache and slicked back white hair the man looks concerned.


Rocky: So it hasn’t started yet then?

Event Manager: What!?! No it hasn’t.

Rocky: Then we’re not late!

The Event managers face begins to turn red with anger. Rocky and Savy look at it and have to hold back from laughing. Rocky looks at the man, places a strong hand on his shoulder and smiles.

Rocky: Take it easy shirt. Just tell us where we need to be.

The Events manager calms down and points behind him towards a corridor.

Events Manager: Up the corridor and follow the signs to main stage 5. There will be an arena representative waiting for you to tell you what you will need to do.

Rocky nods and heads towards the corridor. Savy grabs a handful of chicken and follows after him winking at the Events manager as he passes him. As they enter into the small corridor Savy drops some chicken and sighs out loud. Distracted by the noise Rocky turns towards his brother. At the same time a door ahead of him opens up and someone comes rushing out. Not seeing Rocky the women collides into him nearly falling back onto the floor but is caught by Rocky.

Rocky: Easy tiger no need to…

Rocky’s whole body freezes up as he stares into the woman’s face. Her hair is a shiny black that is tied into a plat; her eyes are ocean bright blue, her lips are an alluring peach colour sparkling as the light hits the lipstick on them. She has freckles around her nose giving a sense of innocence to her. Rocky consumed by her looks is silenced. The two look into each others eyes for what feels like a lifetime, ignoring everything around them. After a moment the woman composes herself.

Megan: I’m sorry.

Rocky releases his grasp

Rocky: No problem. I’m…

Before he can introduce himself Megan rushes off towards the backstage area disappearing into the crowd.

Savy: Wow!

Rocky: I know right!

Savy: My chicken is still clean, there’s no dirt on it. Oh yeah! Wait! What are you wowing about?

Rocky: Nothing. Come on lets go.

Savy carries on up the corridor eating the chicken in his hand, Rocky waits a moment looking back towards the backstage area to see if he can catch one more glimpse of the woman who had fallen into his arms. Once he realises she has gone he shakes his head to compose himself and carries up the corridor to catch up with Savy.
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