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Lilynette's Surgery

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Lilynette's Surgery

Post by Sephira on Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:01 pm

The video begins to play as a Doctor can be seen standing a small room with a window on looking to an operating table surrounded by A.I. A body of a fleshless women can be seen, her bones and organs exposed to the air yet her eyeless face still in contact. Her spinal cord can be seen showing from the neck down, while her heart can be seen beating beyond her ribs, and her lungs inhaling and exhaling, causing her chest to expand rapidly.

Doctor: She is amazing. Just amazing. How can someone survive after such a blast? She is simply amazing. When she was pulled from the rubble she was still breathing despite the damage to her body! I have never seen anything like it! By now a normal person would perish due to infection and yet she lays there, breathing as her organs are exposed to air and yet, there are not signed of effect because of this?

Suddenly a Nurse comes rushing through the doors to the room, looking extremely distressed as she waves her arms to grab the doctors attention.

Nurse: Doctor, the A.I still won't let the surgeons near her. I think there must be a malfunction with their systems as each time the Surgeons try to get near her they become aggressive and stand in the way. We're worried, she could die if we don't do something soon Doctor and you know how much she means to the Company.

Doctor: Nurse, tell the surgeons to leave the room and let us monitor what the A.I do. When she was pulled from the rubble, an A.I was found by her body holding her hand and it was reported when they tried to recover her body, neither would let go of each other and had to be brought back together. I'm quite curious to see if there is some connection to this.

The video fades out as timer shows the reading of 22:15. The Doctor can be seen standing, staring at the window with his hand to his chin, staring in the distance.

Doctor: It appears the A.I are grooming her... It's almost like they feel what she feels... Could it be they see her as something more than just another body? Their behavior is odd, it's almost as if they are communicating with each other; I wonder if they will try to save her life somehow.

Suddenly the A.I begin to move around the room, grabbing various operating tools from around the bay. One can be seen pushing a table towards the entrance, blocking the doors from opening.
Doctor: What's this? They are preparing to operate on her? With no adrenaline? Surely this is risking her death?

A Nurse comes rushing in and quickly shouts in the Doctors direction as the sound of people can be heard rushing in the corridor in the direction of the Bay.

Nurse: Doctor! They've barricaded the door! Nobody can get in to interfere! Can her body will sustain any form of operation without an Adrenaline Shot!? Doctor what do we do?

Doctor: We watch. There is nothing we can do but hope that what they are about to do will save her life.

As the A.I surround the body, one grabs a bone saw and approaches her. As the Saw begins to switch on, the doctor turns away as the A.I begins to cut into the body, causing the heart monitor to increase rapidly. Suddenly blood begins to spray all over the window, covering the view from the Doctor as the sound of bone being cut away can be heard in the room.

The video begins to fade out as a timer of 04:15 begins to show.

The video shows the blood splattered window as the sound of silence can be heard around the room. The Doctor can be seen sitting asleep in a chair. Suddenly a darkened figure can be seen behind the window. The bone like hand can be seen pressing against the window, its fingers slowly sliding down. As it hand reaches the middle of the window the hand stops as the figure begins to show closer, the view of a skeleton can be seen.

Suddenly, the hand becomes a fist as it starts to bash against the window repeatedly. As the glass begins to crack, the Doctor suddenly awakes and stands face to face with the Window. He places his hand against the window as the figure on the other side repeatedly smashes its hand against the glass. A female scream can be heard getting louder as the fist starts to hit the glass harder and faster. The Doctor slides his hands against the glass and leans his head against the glass and begins to whisper to himself, a look of sorrow can be seen on his face as the screams get louder.

As the figure continues to bang against the window, the glass begins to crack more and more before finally collapsing. A skeleton like women can be seen standing on the other side; her body covered in blood as a metal encasing can be seen covering her rib cage. Her bones now blood stained with a silver like tint showing signs of modifications. Her face now containing what looks like a pair of colorless eyes while her blond hair flows down her skeleton like body.

The Doctor whispers "Lily" which causes her to scream. Behind her A.I parts can be seen as if they had been dismantled. An eyeless A.I can be seen laying against the Operation table while another with the front panel of its body missing can be seen sitting in the corner of the room. A pump with silver metal like liquid can be seen on the bed alongside a red hot burner. As she look the Doctor in the face, she begins to try to stutter words.

Doctor: Lily... you're alive...

Lilynette: Lo...look... at... me... why... why can... can I not feel... not feel anything anymore.. I... I was once... was once normal... yet now... now I am a... a monster... You... you... look so normal... your body... body is so normal...

Lilynette grabs her face and rubs her bone like hands down her cheeks and puts her hands in front of her face. Her facial emotion begins to change as almost faint like tears can be seen running down her face. She begins to run her hands down her body, slowly looking down at the nonexistent hips now replaced with a bone like ball, followed by bone like legs and feet. She looks back at the doctor and begins to stutter more words.

Lilynette: Doctor... I... I can't see... can't see properly... everything is so... so fuzzy.. I... I don't understand... I must be dreaming... this can't... this can't be me... not this... I... I don't want... want to be like this...

Doctor: Lilynette, you must understand that you are very lucky to even be alive... it looks like these A.I saved you... In any normal case, someone in your situation would have not survived, not have been helped and yet these robots have given their own existence to save your life! They have given you a new chance Lily, but you must understand that you where so badly damaged in the explosion.

Lilynette: Ex... explosion... Eloxi... where... where is she... and Rowan... what is Rowan... I... I want to... to see them... to see their faces... faces once more... I can not... not remember what they... what they looked like... Doctor... I can't remember... remember their faces... why can I not remember...

Doctor: It's possible you may have suffered some form of brain damage during the explosion Lilynette. I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do to help with your memorys.

Lilynette: Then... then take me... take me to them... maybe then... then I will... will remember...
Doctor: I'm sorry Lilynette. I can't, they both passed away in the explosion. Only you survived in that sector. I'm afraid they will never come back.

Lilynette: No... I... I must see... I must see them... I must... must apologize... apologize to Rowan for... for everything... how can I... I live knowing... knowing I can not... not thank her for... for giving me the... the chance to... to experiment...

Lilynette grabs her face and starts to rip her fingers down her cheeks as she begins to shake violently. As the Doctor tries to stop her from hurting herself, she grabs him by the throat, her bone like fingers digging into his throat. She lifts him off his feet, showing an extreme displaying of strength for her figure and pulls him through the window. She walks over to the operating table and forces him onto the table. As she begins to stutter once more, her tone changes almost as if she is no longer of the same mind.

Lilynette: You... you could have... could have saved them... I should have... should have died too... but no... no you must try to... try to save me... not let me die... but... but now if I can't die... then you... you will die in... in my place!

Doctor: No Lilynette, please don't do this! You where needed for the Research! You know the company cannot let you die, not now after you've done so much! The A.I clearly wanted to save you, they even stopped us from performing the operation ourselves, it's not our fault!

Lilynette: You... you let them do this... do this to me... with no adrenaline shot... I felt every... every single moment... they... they cut me open... they ripped my chest open... they pumped hot... hot metal through my bones... I felt... I felt it all Doctor...I felt everything... and you didn't... didn't try to stop them... you could have... could have let me die...but you let me... me suffer... and now you... you will suffer doctor... suffer as you let... you let me suffer...

As Lilynette pushes herself of the Doctor, she quickly grabs the Bone saw from the operating table, still bloodied from the surgery committed on her. As she walks back over to the Doctor she rubs her finger against its blades.

Lilynette: First... they cut... they cut me open... and now... now it is your turn Doctor... now you... you will become what I am...

As Lilynette pushes the Operating table back, she goes off screen as the saw begins to whirl. Suddenly the sound of a dying scream be heard as the saw begins to connect with bone once more, spraying blood all over the room. As the sound of bone cracking can be heard, Lilynette suddenly appears in the corner of the camera, this time grabbing the liquid pump, switching it on and heating it up to the point that hot steam can be seen spraying out of the nozzle.

Lilynette: Then... then they pumped... hot metal through my bones... starting from my robs... breaking every bone... bone in my body... to inject it with... hot metal so that... that I could be stronger... but... but I don't... don't think this will... will work... work for you... doctor...

As Lilynette walks back over off screen, the loud sound of hot metal being pumped can be heard, as steam fill the entire room. Each time the sound stopped, a cracking sound soon followed before steam would refill the arena. Soon enough the sound stopped completely and Lilynette would reappear still holding the pump. She tossed it to the floor before picking up the final instrument used. A hot rod, used to connect metal together. The tip extremely hot, capable of melting the hardest steel together to fuse constructional pieces.

Lilynette: Finally... they... they wielded everything... everything back together doctor... they melted my... my bone and the metal into one... I don't... I don't think this will work for... for you doctor... I don't think flesh... flesh would work too... too well with...the heat... but... I will try... try and put you... you back together... doctor... I will try... try to not let... let you suffer...

As Lilynette begins to use the tool on the Doctor, she can suddenly be heard sobbing faintly. As the smell of burning flesh and metal begins to travel around the room, the door's suddenly break open as several officials can be seen walking in, followed by several A.I, all wearing name badges reading Telsa Corporation. As an Official stands behind the now sobbing Lilynette, he waits patiently as she drops the rod and turns and faces the official.

Lilynette: I tried... I tried to put him... him back together... I tried... tried to let him... him suffer to much... I wanted him... him to feel what... what I felt... I tried... I tried to fix it... but I couldn't... am I... I a bad person...

The video begins to fade out as Lilynette can be seen sobbing before being walked away from the room by the officials.
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