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A Glimmer of Hope (needs adding to possibly)

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A Glimmer of Hope (needs adding to possibly)

Post by Rocky Hogan on Sat Dec 14, 2013 2:53 am

Lily any chance this could be an after credits segment? Also I there are some parts mark in red for you to look at. Also add in anything I may have missed

The event has ended and the cleaners are beginning to clear away the mess. The arena is silent and the backstage area is empty of guests. In a lightly dimmed room somewhere in the building Neptunia XI and Eloxi VIII stand motionless in elevated status chambers. Wires protruding from the back of the chambers connected to numerous computers and screens that make up the control panels either side of the chambers. Both A.I. are powered down consumed by a dreamless sleep as someone watches over them with desire in her heart. Wearing a black leather loose fitting corset, grey pinstripe hot pants, and black Earth Keepers boots Megan Rose looks at the two machines. Her shiny black hair hanging over her right shoulder tied into a plat, her ocean coloured blue eyes filled with emotion. As she stands there in silence she is lost in thought. A moment passes and from her right shoulder a skeletal hand slowly appears and begins to caress Megan’s hair. As if knowing it was coming Megan does not move and continues to watch the A.I. The skeletal hand begins to slowly move upwards elegantly caressing Megan’s neck and then her cheek.

Lilynette: I knew I would find you here. How have you been Megan? We haven’t had a proper chat in a long time. It seems like you have been avoiding me lately. Is everything alright?

With a stone cold face Megan shows no emotion on her face keeping her eyes fixed towards the A.I.

Megan: I’m fine, just been busy with making sure Eloxi was ready for tonight. I hope she didn’t disappoint.

With a hidden smile on her face Megan makes eye contact with Lilynette who is now standing by the side of her looking up towards the A.I. With no emotion on her face Lilynette hands a folder to Megan.

Lilynetter: These are your new assignments. Now that plans are in full swing to take over IEW, we have arranged for our engineers and scientists to be allocated to the wrestlers that have agreed to stay. Unfortunately the ones I have assigned to you have proven difficult to co-operate with and are refusing to accept Telsa Corporation enhancements. So the decision was made to let them carry on in the ring without any. But me being the caring person I am decided that they just needed some… persuasion. There is still one person amongst Telsa that is known to prefer non cybernetic methods when it comes to her practices.

Lilynette tilts her head towards Megan and smiles at her with a dangerous smile. Megan smiles back and takes the folder. As Lilynette turns her focus back to the motionless A.I, her face takes a more serious look.

Lilynette: I've noticed that someone tampered with Eloxi VIII’s Emotion Core tonight. She became very disobedient in the ring. The crowd noticed and didn’t take too kindly to it. If I wasn’t able to override her then Telsa could have lost a lot of funding tonight, halting the acquisition of IEW and hurting some very important partnerships. You are head engineer for Eloxi VIII, I’m surprised you and your team didn’t pick it up.

Megan: The readings were normal in the pre-match maintenance check.

Lilynette produces a little giggle and turns to face Megan. Even though both women are petite Lilynette is at least a foot taller than Megan. Staring down at Megan Lilynette looks a powerful figure. Ignoring Lilynette's stature Megan continues to look towards the A.I. with a confident look on her face.

Megan: Maybe the error happened on route to the ring. Wasn’t your team in charge then?

Lilynette is taken back by the remark and her face begins to twitch a little as if something is trying to escape from her body.

Megan: Or perhaps Eloxi VIII’s Emotion Core is starting to override her programming and her true personality is trying to get out.

Megan remains calm as Lilynette’s twitching begins to increase.

Megan: She may not like the idea of being made to fight… or kill people for entertainment.

Lilynette explodes with rage and grabs Megan by the throat. With a face of pure violence Lilynette stares into the eyes of a gasping Megan. Tightening her grasp around the tiny fragile throat of Megan, Lilynette begins to breathe heavily as if she is beginning to enjoy it.

Lilynette: Oh, you must think poor little Lily must not be as smart like before. Oh how she must have missed the little signs and is blatantly unaware that the Head Engineer she trusted with the very machine that will take the Company to a whole new level is tampering with it's Core and STEALING funding in the process! You where given the A.I to look after for a reason and yet you are choosing to betray us by risking our chances to show the World just what our implants can do and yet you have the nerve to stand before me looking smug after everything the company has done for you. What right do you have to do this Megan? Is it because you don't agree with our methods, or are you just so intent on making things difficult for everyone!? Eloxi VIII means a lot more to me then you can quite imagine, she now carry's the blood of scum under her heels to benefit everything we can become and I will NOT let you take her from me!

Megan grasping helplessly at Lilynette’s arm gasping for any amount of air begins to realise the situation she is in. With a hopeless look in her eyes she begins to accept that she is alone in her struggle. A single tear of sadness and regret falls from her left eye and down her cheek landing on Lilynette’s hand. Feeling the tear on her thin skeletal hand a shock of realisation jolts through Lilynette and she releases her grasp. Falling to the floor Megan loudly gasps for the precious air around her, tears still flowing down her pale cheeks. Lilynette steps back looking in disgust at her hands.

Lilynette: What have I done... This isn't me... 

Lilynette stares at Megan with tears streaming down her face. Megan on her knees her left hand on the floor supporting her, her right hand protecting her neck, makes no eye contact with Lilynette and stares at the floor. Lilynette can see the marks on Megan’s neck and feels regret at her actions.

Lilynette: I can't be here any longer...

Lilynette not wanting to cause any more harm rushes out of the room, leaving Megan on the floor. Once Lilynette has left Megan sniffs and wipes the tears from her eyes. Noticing the folder given to her by Lilynette earlier lying on the floor in arms reach she grabs it and drags it over. Opening the folder she’s sees the pictures of two men. The names on the top of the page read ‘Rocky and Savy Hogan’. Producing a painful smile Megan looks a lot more confident.

Megan: I have my knights.

The room is dimly lit with two A.I. motionless in separate elevated status chambers. In the middle of the room kneels a broken woman who has just found a glimmer of hope.
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