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How the GM will be involved in the Shows

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How the GM will be involved in the Shows

Post by Sephira on Thu May 30, 2013 7:06 am

I'm actually not all that involved in most storylines on the front of controlling people, I'm more playing an Evil Leader in retrospect to putting the tournament on but no manipulating people past matches; so essentially people can run their own story within the main plot and I will have no part on it beyond my own part of running the tournament as the "Queen". Trying to get the sort of setup where everyone gets to tell their own story within the story without anyone necessary bossing everyone about.

Think of it as a good vs evil story but the evil side doesn't consistently boss the good side about but makes the fights much more attitude like instead. I think when its up and going the idea will be better to come across, everything is still running through, but i think its something I could do for a few Seasons before we end the plot is some way, be it Queen is dethroned or the Tournament ends with a major winner and then build a new arc but still using the same methods of Environment and Flash Back integration.

If anyone has any Questions in how i will be involved in the main plot please let me know, i do not want people thinking because I am the Main Antagonist that I will have a major spotlight or being making people my servants.
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