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Execution of Paul Roder's and Frank Reeper

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Execution of Paul Roder's and Frank Reeper

Post by Sephira on Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:08 am

Ringmaster: Well there you have it folks. The newest in manufactoring architecture and design, these beautiful women have shown today that A.I is the real dominate factor when it comes to Wrestling and soon, these two will sweep the world and increase sales big time. However, it isn't over completely, oh no we have one more trick up our sleeve. However, I think Lilynette would be the right person to explain what is about to happen next.

Lilynette raises her head up before looking at the Ringmaster with an irritated expression. She stands to her feet with her Datapad in hand before walking over to the Arena, climbing through the ropes before snatching the Microphone from the Ringmasters hands, giving him a stern look as he stands aside.

Lilynette: I'm not sure why exactly I need to introduce this, besides the so called Ringmaster having a sheer moment of incompetence and fear that he could be next to be turned into a bloodied corpse against our A.I. How about it Ringmaster, would you like to face Neptunia and Eloxi in a 2 on 1 style fight? I'm sure they would just love to feel every inch of your slob of a body, you disgusting fool! Get out of my ring before have your heart ripped out and ground into the dirt you pig.

As the Ringmaster quickly scurrys out of the ring like a mouse with his tail behind his legs, Lilynette turns her back and wriggles her boney finger at the two stationary A.I outside of the ring, who reactivate and make their way back into the ring. She then signals the Staff in the Arena to drag the criminal's into the ring. As they are released from the side of the ring, they slump to the floor before being tossed into the ring by Guard's. As one rolls into Lilynette's path, she quickly steps over and stamps her foot onto the Criminals chest before raising the Microphone back to her mouth.

Lilynette: Aww, well look at that. So submissive, it's almost like he enjoys being under my feet; but it's a shame we have so much more in line for you. You see, as part of our latest development, we wanted our A.I to be able to proceed with a multiple tasks; an all in one if you will. Imagine an A.I that can love, can care... but that same A.I being able to hate and hurt too. Why waste our Emotion Cores programming A.I for one type of task of personality, when it can do it all and be set to take on a task as required, thus making more cost effective use of our resources and all the same, giving them more purpose and less requirement to be destroyed when they are 'no longer required' by their owners.

Lilynette: And that, is where Neptunia XI and Eloxi VIII come in. All Criminals are executed as standard for their horrific crimes. Executing them takes energy, effort and costly resources when done by man. So, why should we have to do such as a task, why should we give these scums such an honor to die by our own hand? Killing can hurt the mind, but A.I do not care so much that they have done it, providing they are doing it to someone they have no attachment to; and Eloxi VIII and Neptunia XI now know these criminals and ones who have attacked and try to hurt them; which makes it all the more perfect that they both should be the ones to carry it out.

Lilynette step's off and signals the A.I who both step over the bodies. Eloxi VIII stands over Paul Rodgers with his chest in between her legs as her feet and positioned by each arm. Neptunia stands over Frank Reeper in the same stance. Both A.I tower over the Criminal's as they lay bloodied and beaten, looking directly up with the towering A.I being their only view.

Lilynette: Now, isn't that just a fine view for both of these scum before they die. Seeing their sleek body's towering over them, a true masterpiece to behold. Quite the perfect scene to see before you die. However a scene that will soon be met with something quite more fearful, as both of these beauty's will commit the act that sentences these fools to death. Eloxi VIII and Neptunia XI are not weak in the slightest, they have been designed to withstand a huge amount of damage, and have been given the power to crush metal. Now, I'm pretty confident, that a human's bone's are pretty weak compared to metal, and the only protection is has around it is flesh and muscle.

Lilynette: But, enough of this. We are just delaying their rightly deserved deaths. So let's get on with the show. Neptunia XI and Eloxi VIII, please eliminate these fools as per Protocol 21; ACT Execution. Oh, feel free to put on a show for the crowd the both of you; I'll make sure you're both cleaned up after.

As Lilynette step's back and grabs her Datapad, the camera changes view to the A.I who stand looking at the crowd. Neptunia XI suddenly looks down at Frank Reeper, her eyes begin to turn red as she turns her head at an angle, processing him below her. Suddenly she raises her leg up and hovers her boot above his face as the crowd begins to gasp loudly. Along side her Eloxi VIII turns and watches, showing signs of human like unsurety.

Suddenly, Neptunia drives her foot down onto Frank's skull, as the Camera quickly turns away as a cracking and squelching sound can be heard around the Arena. As the Camera returns to the Arena, Neptunia can be seen standing both feet in Frank's remains which have been blurred by the Camera. Blood can seen splattered up her legs while the blurry vision of her boots show the aftermath still seeping beneath her from the force delivered in his execution. As the Crowd eagerly watch on, Eloxi VIII looks down at Paul Rodgers and raises her leg up and hovers it above his head.

She stands there, looking Paul Rodger's in the face and begins to stutter. She looks back at the Crowd before looking at Neptunia. She looks at the aftermath of Frank, now stuck underneath Neptunia's boots as she stands there uncaring at what she has just done. Lilynette can be seen watching Eloxi VIII, her expression becoming quite irratated at Eloxi VIII taking so long. She grabs her Datapad and begins tapping away as Eloxi just stares at Paul Rodger's, not making a move yet still with her foot hanging certainly above his head as if she is unsure how to proceed.

As Lilynette begins tapping away faster and faster at her Datapad, Eloxi begins to withdraw her leg and starts to lower herself, putting her hands against Paul Rodger's face. She strokes his cheek as if acknowledging his pain. As she turns her head to her side, she lets out a very slight facial expression as if she was smiling. Lilynette can be seen twitching and breathing heavily at the side as she taps away faster and faster. Eloxi VIII stands back to her feet and looks at Neptunia XI standing beside her, who looks back at her and turns her head trying to read what Eloxi is doing.

As Eloxi VIII goes to extend her arm out to Neptunia, Lilynette quickly taps in a set of code causing Eloxi VIII's lights to change color, turning red. She quickly turns and faces the down Paul Rodger's, striking her hand down swiftly and grabs his neck before forcefully ripping him up from the floor. She holds him above her, looking him deep in the face as her now cold red eyes looking through him. Eloxi VIII then smashes him back to the ground before Neptunia XI, who looks on with an understanding for the behavior. As Lilynette continues to tap on her datapad, she can be seen smiling as Eloxi VIII quickly walks over Paul Rodger's, stomping onto his chest with such force that the ring sinks in around his body as a loud cracking sound can be heard around the arena.

As Eloxi VIII steps of his body, she quickly turns and stands beside him. As the crowd stays silent, she lifts her leg up and stomps down with force, making Peter Rodger's skull slam into the arena floor, slowly forcing his skull to compact between the arena and Eloxi's boot. As she lift's off, blood can be seen seeping out of his head and running along the arena. With a great amount of force, she repeatably stomps back onto his skull; this time forcing the camera to move away as blood splatter can be seen flying across the arena floor, causing the crowd to gasp and cringe. As the camera slowly returns to the ring, only blood can be seen as Eloxi VIII can be seen kicking the remains of Peter Rodger's out of the ring.

As Neptunia XI simply looks on, she too decides to remove Frank Reeper's body by dragging it out and pushing it over the side. As they both join Lilynette in the center of the ring Lilynette grabs a Microphone as the sound of applause can be heard around the Arena. Eloxi VIII's lights now turn back to its original yellow as she looks down and notices blood running along her legs.

Lilynette: I think this proves that these machines make the perfect all in ones. Killers, lovers, carers and fighters. Both of these models will enter the arena of IEW soon and will become mass produced for commercial use. Please make sure you pick up a leaflet on both models as you leave. I hope you have enjoyed the... show we have put on tonight and will continue to sponsor Telsa Corporation.

As Lilynette turns to leave the ring, she looks down and notices the amount of blood covering the area. She signals for guard's to dispose of the bodys as the crowd begin to leave. The A.I both join her in leaving the arena as various members of staff rush out to clean up the remains of the show and prepare the arena for future shows.
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