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Emelia, Rae & Azuray - 2014 Concept

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Emelia, Rae & Azuray - 2014 Concept

Post by Sephira on Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:23 am

A view of a room can be seen with nothing more then a chair in the centre; the floor plain and the walls white, riddled with heating pipes behind to give a warm glow, with no windows and only a single door. Warm, silent and secluded, the perfect place for fun and games without a worry of another entering.

Enter three women, together wearing little more then bath robes; there hair down, their feet bare and their soft silky legs on show; all three aware of each others intentions and each with plenty to show. Their names?

Emelia. Rae. Azuray. Two sisters and one lover, three completely separated tastes and personalities but share a similar lust. A list for each other. However conventional hotel rooms have their risks, and these girls like to get freaky without the worry of walkings, so like to play their games elsewhere. Naturally, this place was a perfect spot.

Azuray, the shorter of the girls, goes to sit on the chair as Emelia locks the door behind her. As Azuray sits down, she slowly opens her legs apart as Rae kneels before her. She lets out a light sigh as her cleanly shaven vagina comes into view, sparking Rae to slowly lick her lips, but as she leans in and places her lips lightly again Azuray's skin, her tongue barely leaving her lips but still in contact with Azuray's cliterous; Emelia places her hand onto Rae's shoulder and let's out a disappointed sigh. "How dare she start without me."

Rae slowly leans back, instead kissing Azuray's skin, while getting a light taste of her body in her mouth. Feeling an urge, Azuray suddenly finds herself wanting more, having felt Rae's tongue momentarily, and finds herself slowly sliding her fingers down her waist and onto her vagina, apply circling her finger tips around her cliterous, gaining both Emelia and Rae's immediate attention.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Emelia quickly removes her robe, exposing her naked body to both Rae and Azuray. She stands with a powerful figure before both as Rae too removes her robe. Seeing as Azuray only wants to play with herself more at the sight of both sisters naked before her, the girls decide to remove it for her. Slowly.

They both stand on each side of her, and slide their hands beneath her robe, each pressing lightly against her waist. They slowly slide their arms up, forcing the robe to come loose before stopping at the chest. As they look at each other, they decide to slide their hands onto Azuray's breasts, holding them firmly between them. As Azuray let's out a gasp, they begin to slowly rub their fingers across her nipples, causing her to slowly jerk as she tries desperately to play with herself. Sensing the control they now have over her, the sisters decide that it was time to make Azuray scream.

Emelia and Rae slowly slides the robe off Azuray, who's arms had flopped down to her sides, while continuing to rub their fingers over her nipples. As Azuray breathes heavier, the girls nod to each other, prompting Rae to stand to her feet and kneel before Azuray. As she does, Emelia moves behind Azuray and places her head on Azuray's shoulder, and her arms around her waists before firmly holding Azuray's breasts once more. Rae on the other hand decides to lean to the floor with a new intention and slowly places her hand under one of Azuray's feet, and lifts her leg up slightly. Rolling her eyes at Rae, Emelia steps over Azuray and sits onto her lap, causing Emelia's breasts to push into Azuray's face. Feeling excited, Emelia grabs one of her breasts, and places it against Azuray's mouth, tempting Azuray to open it and begin to suck on it.

While she does, Rae suddenly begins to place her tongue against Azuray's ankle, before slowly sliding it down to her heel and along her sole. Too distracted by Emelia to respond, she simply weakens herself. In doing so, Rae lifts her foot up and begins to slide her tongue between Azuray's toes, slowly sucking each one as she goes. As she finishes with one foot, she starts with the other. As she finishes, Emelia becomes bored of waiting, and prompts Rae to make a start.

Rae lifts herself up slightly as Emelia steps off Azuray, who us covered in her own dribble having had a mouthful of Emelia's breasts. "My turn" goes through Emelia's mind as Rae leans in between Azuray's legs once more, waiting for Emelia to position herself, intent on double teaming Azuray properly. Emelia gets onto her knees and leans over Azuray, and places her lips firmly over Azuray's nipples, before sliding her tongue out and slowly licking in a circular motion, while also at the same times grasping more of her breast into her mouth. As she does this, she begins to find herself grabbing Azuray's hand and using it to touch herself.

Rae, leans in and puts her lips against Azuray's vagina, before slowly sliding one hand above, and over her cliterous, while the other hand firmly over her own. She begins to slide her tongue into Azuray's vagina, slowly sucking against her skin as she does so, while slowly rubbing her fingers against her own cliterous, while also rubbing Azuray's. As Azuray begins to let out an intense breathing pattern, Rae increases her rubbing speed, while sliding her tongue in deeper. Emelia on the other hand begins to move to Azuray's other breast, while also sliding Azuray's fingers deep into her vagina, hoping Azuray may starts to pleasure her too.

As Azuray's breathing intensifies, Rae begins to feel the inside of Azuray's vagina beginning to clamp, indicating it was almost time for Azuray to release herself; however Rae decides she wants Azuray to cum over her face, or at the least into Rae's mouth. She licks deeper and violently starts to rub Azuray's cliterous to the point Azuray's body was jerking. Emelia begins to move her tongue up from Azuray's breasts to her neck, slowly biting as she goes before stopping at her ear. As she nibbles on Azuray's ear lob she whispers "Had enough?" into her ear before finishing with "Come on, release to us".

This was too much. Azuray let's out a scream before organisming right into Rae, who was still licking inside Azuray's vagina. As she does, her cum sprays straight into Rae's mouth, but Rae can't hold it and ends up pulling back only to end up bring sprayed all over face, leaving a sticky clear liquid dripping down her skin, and Azuray's cum slowly dribbling out of her mouth. Rae was turned on by this and ends up too organisming, shooting over the floor in front of her. As Emelia looks on she decides it's only fair she too gets to release and decides to stand to her feet and move infront of Azuray, treading into Rae's resulting mess in the process.

She firmly holds Azuray's hand, her fingers still in Emelia's vagina, before sliding them in and out to try get pleasure. As she does so, she suddenly finds Rae between her legs, licking her own cum from Emelia's feet; yet she finds this a slight turn on and decides lift her feet up slightly allowing Rae to lick from beneath. As Emelia sighs, she steps forward slightly, almost crushing Rae's tongue, and takes Azuray's fingers out before pushing her vagina against Azuray's face. She then pushes Azuray's mouth over, who returns by slowly but exhaustively licks Emelia's cliterous up and down, managing to pleasure Emelia enough that she too was almost ready.

As Rae continues licking her cum from Emelia's feet, Emelia let's out a loud groan before her body begins to jerk. Suddenly she organisms into Azuray's face, causing her cum to drip down her skin and over her breasts as well, Feeling still turned on, Emelia immediately leans in and begins to slowly lick it from Azuray's skin. As she does, Rae gets to her knees and decides to places her lips over Emelia's dripping vagina and slowly sucks against the skin.
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