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AI Fembot Story

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AI Fembot Story

Post by Sephira on Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:04 am

An industry. Like the sharp gaze of the sun above through a magnifying glass into the eye of an invisionist who conjured a future of death and decay; an industry that spoils the mind. Where fruit was once grown on trees to ignite the jingle of coin, now we grow a fruit from the sexual gratification of others. An industry; one where A.I where used to create your sexual fantasy, one where their were no limits. They are called Fembots and they are produced by Telsa Corporation.

Not all Fembots are go on to become a man or women's own sexual toy. No, some are purchased by the industry, where it goes to become the next "Movie Star", cast in films aimed to stimulate others and grow a craving desire to purchase your own so it can do to you what it does to others. A machine that doesn't judge, doesn't feel, doesn't care, purely produced to fill every sexual desire a human could ever desire... But what if things were to go wrong.

"Robert, try to hold it in long enough to get a good shoot and please, no funny faces this time, we have to make money of this." The director points towards a stage as he speaks towards a young male dressed in just his underwear, standing anxiously as a rush of people move around setting up cameras and lights. A small swear begins to drip down his forehead as he moves towards the director, his voice in a stammer. "So... Who are we casting for the er... Female role?"

"We've been donated a new A.I model from Telsa Corporation, she should be here soon." he responds to Robert as he files through his script, slightly irritated at Roberts questioning. "A... a robot?!? Are you sure that's a wise idea, I mean surely one of the actresses could do the role?" Robert responds with a slight shake in his voice. He goes to step forward as the director raises his head but as he is a bout to reply a sleek tall women crafted in black steel steps into view. Her eyes with a blue glow and her metallic hair silver with a light shine from the lighting in a room. She goes to extend her hand out to the director, who grasps it but quickly winces in pain as she grips his hand in a shake. "Christ she has a grip on her. Go get her Robert, it's all you now."

With a gulp he makes a turn for the stage but is passed by the female A.I, who runs her hand tenderly across his chest as she goes; putting his mind in a strange position between fear, anxiouslty yet curious and excited to see what how she will perform. As she sits on the ground by a mattress, staring up and watches as Robert slowly walks over, rolling his shoulders and shaking his head. "Right Robert, lay down on the mattress and takes your underwear off. Don't worry she's been programmed to perform to the script." the director shouts as Robert slowly goes to lay on his back on the mattress besides the female A.I.

As he looks the female A.I in the eyes, he slowly begins to slide his underwear down to his ankles, exposing himself to her as she watches his movement closely. As he relaxes back, the director shouts for the cameras to roll. As if like a command, the female A.I slowly places her hand against his chest and slowly runs her fingers down, her warm metal tips sliding intently down towards his exposed member. Withiin moments, she slides her hand over and begins to grip him as she places her free hand just above his hip keeping herself stable.
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