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Kiromori Screamer - Technique Sub Build

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Kiromori Screamer - Technique Sub Build

Post by Sephira on Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:04 am

The "Kiromori Screamer" as I like to call it is essentially a full submission build that works very similar to other sub builds but with a slight change. This guide is for people who UNDERSTAND the game to a basic level and want to give Technique a try, not for fresh blood who have just joined and have yet to learn what anything means. If you know Tech like the back of your hand, this guide is not for you; but if you want to know or understand why I have done this build like I have then it is for you.

Kiromori (Level 0)
Points: 0 - Winning: 0%
Damage: 25-25 - Attack Bonus: 35
Submission Bonus: 10
Required Adrenaline: 790
Required Wrestler Status: Always
Required Position: Groggy
Level Progress: 0,00%

Why 790AC? The reason I run a 790AC finisher, is because I am banking on obtaining the Achievements which boost my Adrenaline Gain naturally, without the need to spend into Rage as much later. When you divide 790/25 you'll require 32AG to function. This can be obtained not too far in, so you can start with a smaller finisher to gain ground. Now later on, you will gain achievements that give you a boost of +4 meaning you will run 324 = 36AG which puts that finisher very close to a 20X without needing to spend anymore into Rage.

On the initial, if we go for 21AG (Rage 20) will will run something like this; this will mean when we make the final, you're only going to lose equal to around 30% Executions.

Kiromori (Level 0)
Points: 0 - Winning: 0%
Damage: 15-15 - Attack Bonus: 25
Submission Bonus: 10
Required Adrenaline: 530
Required Wrestler Status: Always
Required Position: Groggy
Level Progress: 0,00%

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Why do you have 10 SB when you're a tech". Well let me tell you, when I am tired, my Build's Sub bonus, is going to fade, and I'm going to be running more from that 10SB to hold then my own build. Now, when you add to the basic 80SB a tech will have, that is 90SB if they are still black. If they drop, that SB is going to go down, but that SB will remain; giving a good chance it'll still hold. I actually raise the SB later, because it increases the chance of a Hold no matter how tired I am. This is an example of a finisher I use later on.

Spirit Realm (Level 179)
Points: 287 - Winning: 14%
Damage: 5238,2-5238,2 - Attack Bonus: 103,47
Submission Bonus: 201,15
Required Adrenaline: 800
Required Wrestler Status: Always
Required Position: Groggy

Notice how I run such high Sub Bonus? People who watch my fights will understand why I run so much, even if I ran high SB on my build too.

Now, the Trademark; the very thing everyone strives for early. Where to start. Like most, I also go for Ankle Lock. This equals to 40 Ruthless and 40 Mastery on the quick. Now, I could recommend that, but this depends on how much you want to win early. I would max Block out with all spare also until it is 40. This can give you Sharpshooter, and it plays on the Augmentation, giving you an early advantage.

Alternatives can be Full Nelson if you wish to go for a Grounded finisher. Now grounded finishers have big pro's and con's in that, they can link of each other for multiple hits but they cost more in AC; leaving less room for allocations. To unlock Full Nelson, you will require 72 Mastery/Escape Sub. For your first TM, I would recommend Bow & Arrow lock, for 25 Ruthless/Power Grapple.

Eye Rake
Knee on Head

Axe Kick
Elbow Smash
Mule Kick

Bent Down:
Octopus Hold - 44 Lightness/Improved Reflexes
Rolling Leg Lock - 41 Headstart/Frenzied Urge
Side Head Lock - 33 Improved Reflexes/Frenzied Urge

Full Nelson - 72 Escape Artist/Mastery
Half Nelson - 67 Ruthless Grasp/Feint
Torture Rack - 67 - Rage/Unstoppable Blow

Ankle Lock - 80 Ruthless Grasp/Mastery
Fujiwara Armbar - 63 Lightness/Frenzied Urge
Figure 4 - 64 Mastery/Power Grapple

You Are Running:
Chin Breaker
One Arm Bulldog
Running DDT

Running Opponent:
Big Boot
Polish Hammer
Running Knee Smash

One Wrestler Is Running:
Back Elbow Smash
Backslide Pin
Spinning Wheel Kick

Both Wrestlers Are Running:
Rolling Elbow Smash

Out Of The Ring (Grounded):
Brainbuster On The Mat
Flying Headbutt Outside The Ring
Knee Drop From Apron Ring

Out Of The Ring (Standing):
Facedrop To The Ladder
Irish Whip Through Step Ladder
Snap DDT On The Concrete

To The Ropes (Grounded):
Choke At Ropes
Rolling Thunder

To The Ropes (Standing):
Chop At Ropes
Eye Rake On Ropes
Springboard Enziguri Kick

To The Turnbuckle (Grounded):
Low Dropkick
Rolling Wheel Kick
Stomping At Turnbuckle

To The Turnbuckle (Standing):
Super Cradle DDT
Super Death Valley Driver

What, you want me to write what it takes to unlock everyone them? Do the math, you may find suitable move replacements you like. Remember, not going to learn being spoon fed, so go out and look for what YOU think are the best moves to run for this build.

· Health Points:4.530 - Now, later on people will be asking; why such small Health? Well I don't really build to take hits, so I only need enough to handle the odd TM. Later on though, you'd want this higher.

· Stamina: 4121 - Because Subs, seriously hurt your Stamina. Not to mention you need to have just enough to not drop more than one colour per hit.

· Allowed Attacks: 12 (bonus 80%) - Notice the Bonus 80%? This is Beserker, this will drop per hit I made (I believe its Beserker - Feint per hit after Turn 4.), The more Allowed and the more Beserker I carry, the more I can string before I get stopped completely.

· Attacks Denied: 10 (bonus 80%) - Denied is against Allowed. Now you can only put someone to 3 - 4 Turns max, so keep it high but keep in mind even if it is more then someones allowed, they will always get 3 - 4 turns before it goes into effect. Also the Bonus 80% is my Feint; this rolls against Beserker, meaning my Feint could stop someone before their string is over.

· Attack Bonus: 1841+22 - Obviously high because of my Level. You need Attack Bonus, even though Techniques have a Augmented Bonus. Now I have worked that you can keep this lower than your opponent, but only if your block is high and I will explain why. Attack Bonus is a roll, and as a sub user; I am aiming to hit my Submissions; if I hit a full string, I am going to risk missing my subs and going for damage, so I aim to put my Attack Bonus enough to get my sub strings but risk failing on my damage moves.

· Initiative bonus: 260 - Initiative actually is quite useful. I have found that as I perform submissions and Pin, there is a roll on who gets up after; because they have no specific ending point. This is fantastic for all offensive classes, because it helps keep control and as a Sub user, I want to hit my subs over and over again.

· Submission Bonus: 950+17 - I have this extremely high for my level. This rolls against Escape Sub, and the more I have, the strong my holds are and the more "Stamina Drain per Hold" I can get on my opponent. In my opinion, Sub Bonus to ES ratio is broken, so if you go for this, you have to go all in for Sub Bonus or risk flopping.

· Adrenaline Gain: 35+4 - This is based to keep my finisher at 20X. Although, going up to make a finisher work at 10X, has its pro's and con's later; especially if you use a grounded.

· Bleeding Bonus: 1+27 - Not required for a Sub build. If you had a Bleed build though, you'd want to run this at 300+ as well as DDI. I've run bleed builds before and Bleed Bonus does work.

· Pinning Bonus: 0+1 - Useless stat for Sub users.

· Direct Damage Increaser: 0+20% - This can be used, but I don't find it as good for my build. Others may choose this due to the SB to ES issue, but its a matter of preference.

· Submission Damage Increaser: 2731+20% - Utterly a must, against DR you need to get the screams and this is the best way to do it. Other's go Direct Damage Increaser, but I don't. This is what works for me and is the best method for this kind of build.

· Damage Reducer: 1% - I don't believe in Damage Reducer for my offense builds. It can be done, but that's exp spent that could be used elsewhere.

· Stamina reducer: 58 +4% - The higher, the better. It'll reduce the impact of dealing out the moves, and rumour has it, the impact of taking moves back in also.

· Block: 2590 - This is obviously high because of my level. Now; I'm guessing you're wondering, why so high? Well, you see; I've noticed a lot of moves forced come to Grounded, Bent Down and some to Groggy and Stunned. Put it like this; my Subs actually cover these positions, so if I block you; I have instantly got you right into the position I need to get my subs going again.

· Dodge: 0 +7 - Not needed. I'm a Tech, I have Augmented Bonus in Block.

· Escape Submissions: 39% - This is useful against Submissions, as a Tech, I would want this as well; as I'd want my Subs to do the damage, not someone else make me scream instead. I don't run this, because I do not have a problem with Tech's or Subs at the moment.

· Pin Opposition: 0 - Useless.

· Dream World
· Smirk
· Spirit Realm

· Increase Initiative: 15. Beginner
· Power Body: 18. Sharp
· Increased Resistance: 27. Veteran
· Mortal Submission: 51. immortal Legend
· Increased Block: 50. immortal Legend
· Increased Submission: 29. Champion
· Increased Attack: 42. immortal Legend

Taunt. Now I go for 5 Seconds or 10 Seconds. Anything more requires Initiative I find and a lot of lower level people will not have enough to support more consistently.
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