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Understanding the Fundamentals to Strength Class - Old Engine

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Understanding the Fundamentals to Strength Class - Old Engine

Post by Sephira on Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:16 am

Class Explanation:
When just enough, really isn't enough. The pain has to be delivered tenfold, the opponents bones broken into dust and the ring barely left standing. Strengths are all about offence and they don't cut corners to deliver as much impact as possible onto their opponents. In fact, their Skill Tree contains pure offence skill's, making them a prime choice for any player who want to be all about the attack.

Strength wrestlers gain a reduced timer in Strength, along with additional skill points to spread out in the Strength Class Skill Tree. Each skill in the Strength Class Skill leads to an offence ability in some form, which counters almost all defensive skills [excluding Frenzied Urge, which is available in Speed and a direct counter to Pacification found in Resistance]. When put into practice, this gives Strength a high advantage in base offence play compared to other classes, but this comes at a cost.

Like Resistance, which is pure Defence play and little offence, Strength becomes the Ying to Resistance's Yang, and in turn offers no defence at all. This means, Strength players must invest into the other skill tree's to gain their defence boosts, but gives a little more opening in how they can achieve this. Strength have a standard timer and skill point distribution in Resistance [Core Defence Skill Tree], Speed [Core Stamina/Defence/Offence Skill Tree] and Technique [Core Submission/Offence/Defence Skill Tree]. As Stated above, each Skill Tree from the 3 other Prime Stats actually contains something a Strength will need to be remotely Defensive, as well as bonus in offence, which can help advance the Strength's already higher Offence ability.

A Strength can play defensive, but will require more time and experience points. More can builds seen this particular part of play through Player Guides, but for now, let's look at skill points...


Might: For each point spent on Might, you gain 1% Bonus on damage dealt by direct damage moves and finishers.
For each point that is spent into Might, you gain an extra 1% bonus to your damage dealt by direct damage moves, this also includes finishers, trademarks and the first hit in submissions. Might contributes and shows as Direct Damage Increase in your profile. It should be noted Direct Damage is capped during matches based on your opponent Damage Reducer.

Rage: For each point spent on Rage, you gain 1 Adrenaline point whenever you hit your opponent, and half a point whenever you are hit.
For each point spent into Rage, you gain an additional Adrenaline point. This shows as Adrenaline Gain on your profile and is what drives your finisher by contributing as Adrenaline Charge at a rate of 1:0.5 depending on if you land your moves, or are the one taking the moves of your opponent.

Unstoppable Blow: For each point spent on Unstoppable Blow, you gain 1 Attack Bonus point on direct damage moves and finishers.
For each point spend into Unstoppable Blow, you gain an additional Attack Bonus point, which helps you land your moves, including Finishers and Trademarks. Attack Bonus is the direct counter to Block and Dodge, and is required to successfully land any move you do against your opponent.

Stiff Blow: For each point spent on Stiff Blow, you gain 1% chance to make your opponent bleed (for moves that allow bleeding).
For each point spent into Stiff Blow, you will gain an additional point into Bleed Bonus, which works for moves that contain wounding. Although, the description mentions it's based on a %, it is not completely true due to later levels allowing far more than 90 Bleed Bonus, which would be extremely unfair, thereby Bleed Bonus functions in a slightly different % method then a straight 1% chance per point.

Berserker: For each point spent on Berserker, you gain 2% chance to complete your attack sequence.
For each point spend into Berserker, you gain an additional 2% chance to complete your attack sequence. Berserker is shown as a % value next Attacks Allowed on your profile, and works against Feint. At the start of a match, all players have 100% Berserker, plus the additional from Skills; it is then reduced for each move, as well as rolled against Feint to reduce it further. Once Berserker is 0%, opponents stand a great chance to halt your attack sequence without needing to block/dodge you, nor interrupt via Pacification.

Class Skill: Fury: For each point spent on Fury, you gain:- 1% Bonus to Direct Damage &- 1 extra Attack Bonus point
For each point spent into Fury, you gain an additional 1% Direct Damage Increaser and 1 extra Attack Bonus point.

You can find more information on Skill's, including information on other class Skill's in the Skill Tree Explanation Guide.


Strengths have the class skill of Fury, which gives them a +1% in Direct Damage Increaser and 1 extra point in Attack Bonus, along with a variety of unique moves only available to Strength Class. Strengths gain the reduced timer in Strength Class Skill Tree and ultimately have double the Attack Bonus and Direct Damage Increaser than any other class, which gives them a good edge of opponent's base Block/Dodge and Damage Reducer.

Strength has standard access to all other class skill tree's, but due to this, they have no real defence path for them. This gives Strength players a choice in Block or Dodge, but many would recommend Block purely because the reduced skill point availability given to them. On top of this, Strength would need to consider how it will distribute its points into Technique and Resistance depending on the desired build plan. Frenzied Urge from Speed is a must for any Strength due to their superior base offensive ability.

You will find that you're going to have a slower time aiming towards an defensive style build, but your offensive builds will be second to only a Balance, who will only be 50% as capable on the pure offence. Due to this, you have more options how to approach the defensive aspect, making Strength a slower to bulk up, but more damaging class for players, especially those who want to focus on raw damage and offensive, as opposed to aiming to sucking up damage.

Significant Moves of Class:
Strength mostly have a range of high damage moves available, including various wounding moves. In addition, they have the best damaging grounded move quicker available to them, along with grounded wounding moves in their class skill tree, which is rarer in other classes which mainly substitute in submissions or damage focused. Strength also have a number of Submission moves available, although not as many as Technique, making the class able to take any form of offensive it wants to, although heavily pointing towards high damaging moves on the wounding and non wounding spectrum. As a Strength player you should consider the below moves for your move set as you go through your in game career. 

[Insert Moves]

Build Strategy for Class:
Strength have the strongest offence in the game, therefore make great offensive style builds. In the beginning of the game, this is the best course for players although later a Strength can look into going submission, bleed or maximum damage by taking advantage of the moves available from its skill tree, in additional to moves unlocked from other class skill tree's. It is recommended that a Strength player puts some focus into building their defensive skills in the form of Health, Stamina and Block or Dodge early, due to their being no such defensive skills available in the Strength Class Skill Tree.

More information of these Build Strategy's can be found HERE [Insert link] along with example moves to pick for the particular Build Strategy, and the range of Advanced Techniques to consider investing in.

Essential Information:
Direct Damage Increaser does not function at the given amount from the start of a match. It begins at 0% and rises on each turn until turn 50. It is normally capped to 90% of your opponent's DR, meaning that 300% Direct Damage Increaser VS 100% Damage Reducer will only ultimately function to 90% Direct Damage Increaser in play.

Strength function similar if not the same on Dodge and Block, although some may choose to take Dodge over Block due to either moves or personal preference. As long as one is built as a main form, it will function similar to the other, so it should not be a problem if you do not pick one or the other in comparison to the average trend seen in build guides.

Due to Strength having no actual defence, it is commonly advised to train Resistance early to gain a Health Point boost, in addition to Block or Dodge. Strength players may find they lose more early on, but should not threat as this is natural given that early levels run for Stat's alone, with Strength having virtually nothing in their defence.

Berserker and Frenzied Urge are both recommended for Strength. You require Frenzied Urge to perform longer attack strings, while you require Berserker to also achieve these longer strings. Strength naturally have a higher Berserker due to the skill being in the Strength Class Tree, but they have a reduction in Attacks Allowed and in raising it, due to the slower speed time and the skill being in the Speed Class Skill Tree.
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