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Three Way Tag Feud (Noman & Pro vs Athenis & Hollow vs Mia & Morgan)

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Three Way Tag Feud (Noman & Pro vs Athenis & Hollow vs Mia & Morgan)

Post by Blossom on Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:15 pm

Week 1: Singles match between Norman and Hollow. In this match, Athenis is in Hollow's corner. However, Pro offers to be in Norman's corner but he refuses. Norman ends up losing - after Hollow & Athenis cheat.

Week 2: As a way of payback for cheating on his dad, Pro issues a challenge to Hollow and Athenis (either can face him) to face him in a One Fall but no managers match. However, during a great, enduring match, Athenis or Hollow (the one who was not fighting) interfers and helps put Pro through a table. Norman, runs out but Athenis and Hollow are long gone.

Week 3: GM decides to make it Pro & Norman vs Hollow & Athenis. Pro is about to pin Hollow/Athenis after hitting a finisher on him before Mia & Morgan interrupt the match and attack both tags.

Week 4: Mia & Morgan vs Athenis & Hollow vs Pro & Norman. Morgan turns on Mia after 3 weeks of being under her spell. Attacks Mia, Athenis/Hollow, Pro/Norman with a finisher that almost knocks out Athenis/Hollow, Pro/Norman but completely knocks out Mia. As for the winner, Lily can decide - a way to win could be just pinning Mia..

/ = Either one of them, I don't mind.

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Re: Three Way Tag Feud (Noman & Pro vs Athenis & Hollow vs Mia & Morgan)

Post by Hollow on Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:03 am

Hollow and Johnny Hardcore now, wins by making pro tap out while norman and Mia was knocked out cold by Morgan. However Johnny sees it coming and saves Hollow as Morgan was about to attack him, Johnny sacrifices himself for saving Hollow, Hollow then hits Morgan with his one of signature moves then wakes up Johnny and since pro is alone in the ring it's 2 vs 1and Hollow And Johnny execute one of their submission tag fin and wins or it happens the either way, pro and Norman pins/sumbits Hollow and wins.
The match decision is on lily

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