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Hollow & Johnny Flashback Roleplay

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Hollow & Johnny Flashback Roleplay

Post by Hollow on Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:58 pm

Flashback Roleplay
Adam (Hollow) and Johnny (Johnny Hardcore) both were orphan from birth. The grew together in an orphan hostel and made best friends with each other. Already as a child, Johnny loved fighting and wanted to become a fighter when he grew up, while Adam on other hand avoided fighting and focused more on studying, but looking at his best friend, he inspired him to learn some fighting skills.

Adam: "Why do you love fighting so much? I don't get it, what do you see in it which inspires you so much? It's just a blood sport for me, people risking their lives for the sake of money…"

Johnny: "Everyone has an angle to see the world, you have yours, I have mine. While you see it that way, I see it in a way that allows the fighters to push themselves over the limit, that inspires me."

Adam: "Well I dunno about it, but you do inspire me to push me over my limits, you're better than me in everything which challenges me to do better every time you do it."

Johnny: "See? Best friends think alike, I think the same about you…"

Both got the best out of them, as they grew up both accomplished their goals. While Johnny trained to become a fighter, Adam got his concentration in studies and graduated. Even though Adam had great records he was unable to find himself a good job, so he decided to become the manager of his friend Johnny. Adam and Johnny worked greatly together, Adam making the deals and Johnny winning the matches. Both were living a happy and great life, they both got what they wanted.

One fine day Adam managed to get a UFC contract of the European division for Johnny

Adam: "Hey Johnny, I have a great surprise for ya, you'll not believe what I just got."

Johnny: "What's that? You look pretty excited, tell me!"

Adam: "Your hard work paid off brother, I've managed to get you the contract for the UFC European division!!!"

Johnny: "What!? Really!? I can't believe it!"

Adam: "You just have to win the 'Ultimate Fighter' competition held on Monday, and you're in!"

Adam: "Tickets are booked for Friday evening, let's hurry up!"

Johnny: "Sure thing!"

Adam and Johnny were getting ready for traveling. They got in a flight and the flight took off, but... one of the flight's engines was damaged and the flight crash landed in the sea. Everyone had died, but both Johnny and Adam were about to see something not long after they had passed on...

Johnny: "What is this place? It looks so horrible…"

He saw a strange figure in front of him.

Lilynette: "A fresh soul, and a fighter's one nonetheless...This will be useful."

Johnny: "Who the hell are you!? You're so creepy looking...just like...a..."

Lilynette: "It is not nice to judge a girl by her looks you know? Anyway, you are Johnny I presume, you may call me Queen."

Johnny: "Shut the hell up! Where's Adam!? What did you do to him!? Or is he still alive? Tell me he's still alive!"

Lilynette: "Oh he...is just as dead as you are."

Johnny: "No! This is impossible! This must be a dream...some kind of horrible dream...I need to snap out of it…!"

Johnny hears Adam's voice calling him.

Johnny: "Adam? Is that you? Wake me up! Wake me up from this horrible dream!"

Adam comes running towards Johnny.

Adam: "Johnny! Johnny! Where are we!? Why are you crying!?"

Lilynette: "Tch...Pathetic..."

Lilynette signaled to one of the nearby guards to restrain them.

Johnny: "Adam! No!"

He was crying out in anger.

Johnny: "You!...You did this to us...I'll kill you!"

Lilynette: "Kill me you say? Hehe..."

Her dry laugh turned into a serious expression.

Lilynette: "Now you listen up you two. I don't want to spend much more time on you, also I hate being interrupted..."

The guard made her grip around them tighter.

Lilynette: "Anyway, you are in my realm now. I brought you here after your death for a simple purpose: Fight in my tournaments. Also you will need some stage names, probably something along the lines of...Johnny Hardcore and...Hollow."

Johnny: "Why do we have to listen to you!? You leave him alone and deal with me!"

Lilynette: "Oh, you don't get to choose, either you serve as fighters, or you will receive suffering beyond your wildest imagination."

Both Adam and Johnny have an expression of shock in their faces. Lilynette smiles slyly.

Lilynette: "I'm getting bored of this, so we will finish up quickly. Since you two seem to rely on each other, lets just throw you two into the tag division, shall we?"

Lilynette signaled the guard to take them away.

As the competition started in the tag division, Johnny Hardcore and Hollow formed a team named 'Lost Souls find Forgiveness’. They did quite well together, while Johnny Hardcore was strong minded, Hollow was being affected by the evil presence of the Queen, which transformed him into a guy who always cheated to win. No matter how hard Johnny Hardcore tried to make him realise that the way Hollow uses to win is not good. He refused to listen what his brother like friend told him...but the only person Hollow was unable to cheat on was Johnny Hardcore...

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Re: Hollow & Johnny Flashback Roleplay

Post by Sephira on Mon Dec 05, 2016 2:05 am

Moving to Wednesday as would be most suitable with what happens on Sunday Smile
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Re: Hollow & Johnny Flashback Roleplay

Post by Ayari on Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:03 am

Edited, fixed up the Lilynette parts & spelling
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Re: Hollow & Johnny Flashback Roleplay

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