Queen's Blade Championship
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Airi: QBC Commentator

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Airi: QBC Commentator

Post by Sephira on Tue May 28, 2013 8:51 am

Airi likes to fight Dirty and won't skip the chance to get involved in a match if it means her favorite will win. Airi is a Heel and thus is more available to rival and manager story's. She is available to be written into matches, you can apply to write her rolls yourself and have me write them.

Quotes as in a recent RP Sample:

"Airi: Maybe its because these idiots don't recognize talent when they see it. This guy Magnum has talent and as we found out earlier tonight he is in the tournament for the Shield Championship. -Airi Sniggers to herself-"

"Airi: These people need to learn how to show some respect to our future shield champion."

"-Airi points in anger at Nanael- Airi: Unlike you Nanael, I don't like losers, I like winners and I have a feeling Magnum is a winner so unlike you Ill be supporting him!"

"Airi: Trust me he will, unlike some of our roster, this guy isn't a walking joke."

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