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The Hell Smashing Battle against: Mathematics and War Pickle (Backstage)

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The Hell Smashing Battle against: Mathematics and War Pickle (Backstage)

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:24 am

*Long ago there has been a war between both Mathematics and War Pickle, since the days of old. Now the battle has begun again to see who will rule Hell's Gate. Backstage both wrestler glimpse each other and sought to approach. Mathematics stepped heavily towards War Pickle and War Pickle reacts by marching towards Mathematics. The both of them had a stare at each other for a while and did not flinch. Math says the first word*

Mathematics: I hope you know and remember the pain you felt long ago.... Pickle.

*War Pickle begins to speak as well*

War Pickle: Close to Hell's Gate I see, do you remember the gunshot wound.... Math.

Mathematics: Sharp as a butterfly, and deep as the sea. I will conquer you in the days to come for your time will end soon

*War Pickle laughs*

War Pickle: We'll see about that... old friend.

*War Pickle walks off, while Maths looks at him angrily as he walks off. Suddenly Mathematics tag partner Devon shows up to the scene*

Devon Bin Cole: What was that about ?

*Math sighs*

Mathematics: This guy has been under my skin since way back. I have to beat him, if I don't then he will kill me. Again.

Devon Bin Cole: Maths, you know I wouldn't let that happen. If it comes to that I'll sabotage the match and help you beat him.

*Mathematics looks at Devon with hope and smiles*

Mathematics: I know you have my back Devon....I think we should discuss about your match later on in the locker room.

Devon Bin Cole: With both of our strengths combined we are unstoppable, remember our love is unmeasured.

*Devon pats Mathematics on the back as the walk off to the locker room, as the cameras fade*


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