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Welcome to Hell [unfinished]

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Welcome to Hell [unfinished]

Post by Sephira on Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:29 am

The arena lights dim low as the crowd goes quiet. Suddenly flames begin to erupt from the arena turnbuckles and [insert music] begins to play loud. The camera turns onto the Titantron as Lilynette appears from behind the flames, carrying a large baseball bat covered in barb wire, slowly swinging it between her fingers as she makes her way to the arena.

As she approaches the arena she turns her attention to the crowd, noticing a 'fan' holding a banner that reads "I'd Die for Lilynette". Bemused she makes her way to the fan and signals for him to be brought to the front. One of the Demoness guards grabs the fan by the cuff of the neck and drags him.

Lilynette: "Die for me you say? But my dear boy, surely I wouldn't really feel the need to ask if, you would die for me..."

She whispers as she places her fingers against the fans chin, a smirk slowly growing across her face as she looks the fan in the eyes.

Lilynette: "Afterall... you're in my hell now..."

She puts her lips to the fans ear, and slowly glides her tongue against his ear. Before the fan could react, Lilynette quickly puts her hand across his throat and squeezes. As the fan gasps for air, she quickly drops her bat, clenches her fist and punches hard into the fans chest, breaking the fans neck.

Lilynette: "Hmph. Not to worry, he'll be back within an hour."

Lilynette laughs as she releases her grip and watches the fan slump to the ground, dead... again. She signals the guards to drag the body away before picking up her bat and walking to the arena.

She slowly grabs the bottom rope with her hand and slides onto the side of the arena, her back to the mat. She seductively slides herself under the rope before getting to her feet. She twirls her bat around while walking around the arena, looking around the crowd as the fire begins to lower and her theme song stops.

Lilynette is handed a microphone by one of the Demoness guards at ringside. She smirks as she holds the microphone up to her lips.

Lilynette: "Welcome... to QUEEN'S BLADE CHAMPIONSHIP"

The crowd breaks out in a roar and cheers as Lilynette throws her hands up; fireworks suddenly firing around the arena and the theme soundtrack playing.

Lilynette: "But wait, I think its important that before we get this show on the road, we address a few things. First and foremost, welcome to those of you who have recently joined the dead, I'm sure you'll find Hell just as... pleasurable... as the living world you have come from."

Lilynette pauses before dropping the microphone. She signals to one of the guards to join the ring. As the guard enters the ring, Lilynette drops her bat and grabs the guard by the wrist before walking to the middle of the ring.

The guard, wearing only thin armour that covers her chest and thighs begins to tremble as Lilynette holds onto her wrist. The crowd quickly goes quiet in anticipation.

Lilynette raises the guards arm up before leaning down to the guards waist. She begins to stick her tongue out and slowly slides it along the guards exposed skin, slowly making her way up to the guards armpit. She continues to slide her tongue along while lowering the guards arm down to her level, before finishing at the guards elbow.

As she finishes, she gives a seductive look at the camera as it closes in on the action. Lilynette puts the guards arm down and slides her hand along the guards neck and leans her lips to the guards ear before faintly whispering into it, the camera managing to pick up her words.

Lilynette: "It's been too long and I... need satisfaction... so make sure I'm not disappointed tonight okay..."

She kisses the guards cheek before leaning down to pick up the microphone once more. The guard simply stands still in shock. Lilynette puts the microphone up against her lips.

Lilynette: "So, lets not waste anymore time. Welcome to Hell, welcome to Queens Blade Championship!"

Lilynette's theme begins to play as the crowd cheers once more. Flames erupt from the turnbuckles as she drops the microphone and raises her barbwire bat in the air. The camera pans out to the crowd before cutting to black.

[to be continued]
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