Queen's Blade Championship
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pro's introduction

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pro's introduction

Post by pro on Sun Nov 27, 2016 11:45 am

The locker room is dark. There is just one small light in the middle of the room flickering on and off. The room is empty expect for one guy sitting, right under the light, on a bench surrounded by lockers.

Next to him is a training bag full of wrestling equipment. He slowly picks digs through his bag, until he finds a envelope. When he opens it, pictures of his former life -his girl and his two young boys- fall out onto the floor. One by one pro picks them up.

As a single tear begins to fall he speaks:

pro: "If you could see me right now, you would slap me for acting like a little girl."

He puts everything back in the bag and zips it up. As the flickering light goes out he gets out his phone. For some reason it's on the texting screen and there's a text from "unknown". He uses it as light.

Pro: "I was the best fighter, had a great family, amazing friends...and I was about to reclaim my hardcore title, but out of nowhere my friend came into the ring with that chair and bam, I was gone."

He has a flash back of him hitting a guardian on his opponent, then going for the pin, seeing his friend sliding into the ring...but he didn't see the chair.

Back in the present, he picks up his bag just as the flickering light comes back on and slowly walks to the open door and walks out of it. Thinking he had everything, but this was not the case. One picture fell behind the bench he was sitting on.

It's the picture of pro, his wife and his two boys standing in the middle of the ring after pro won his first title. It might be just black and white, but it was the first time they were all in the ring together. And the first time she kissed him in the ring. It was also the last picture of all four of them, as the picture was taken 1 month before the queen came calling.

For a minute the room is competently silent and dead, until footsteps are heard from behind where pro was sitting. The footsteps stop when the person is right behind the bench, but because of the angle of the camera the person is unable to be seen.

A hand reaches out and picks up the picture that fell under the bench. Since the bench has no back, the camera pans over the top of it for a minute. Then out of nowhere a single tear falls onto the picture.

Then the lights go out for the rest of the night.


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