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The Slayer's Place in hell's gates

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The Slayer's Place in hell's gates

Post by theslayer on Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:17 am

The Slayer has arrived in Hell's Gates. He was killed saving his woman's life.

He took a gun shot in the heart and before he died he killed the man. He took an oath to defeat him and make his life a living hell since Jasper, as he was named on earth and took on his nickname The Slayer. He has joined forces with Dracule Mihawk and with his help they have conquered many foes that has stepped into the ring with them they are to have a match with Mathmatics, War Pickle, and Jwana Dai it will be an epic battle as they fight Dec 4

Week 1: The Slayer and Dracule Mihawk has a tag team match between Math and his tag team partner Devon Bin Cole during the match we have the upper hand and I hit my death drop on Math and Dracule takes out Math's tag team partner and just when we are about to pin them War Pickle and Jwana Dai interfere in the match and knocks us all out

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Re: The Slayer's Place in hell's gates

Post by Ayari on Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:02 am

*cutout from your match, since it does not belong to it*

Introducing first the tag team of The Slayer and Dracule Mihawk coming down the ramp (theme song playing)(commentary 1 they looked pumped up) (commentary 2 yes they sure do they look like they have been ready for this match) as they enter the ring

Introducing second is the tag team of Math and Devon Bin Cole they make their way down the ramp (theme song playing) (commentary 1 what a match this is going to be) (commentary 2 yes I can't wait for the outcome of this match) they enter the ring
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