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An Eternity to be Terrible...

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An Eternity to be Terrible...

Post by Terrible T on Tue Nov 29, 2016 3:27 am

After a bright light blinds him, darkness falls upon Terrible T. He can feel heat... he can smell the foul stench of sulfur and can hear the rumble of a crowd in the distance. After what seems like ages, a voice comes out of the darkness.

Lilynette: "Time to rise and shine my pet... You have something I need from you."

Terrible T: "Pet? Nobody puts a petting finger on me! Where the hell am I? This ain't the lake... and where's that... THAT!! DUCK!?!"

As T begins to gather his wits, a light in the distance shows the silhouette of a woman stroking what appears to be a baseball bat.

Lilynette: "Oh you don't need to worry about fingers, or migrating birds my pet. I have many names... Master... Queen.... Demon... General Manager... Allow me to introduce myself; I am Queen Lilynette and I offer you, mortal, an opportunity. In life my pet, you used anger, intimidation, and that wonderfully wicked tongue of yours to cause physical and emotional pain whenever you wanted. Well my pet, I give you the ultimate choice. You can rightfully go to Hell where you belong; or you can be mine."

The heat begins to rise, as does the light; it appears that the Queen is not alone; dozens of demons stand around Terrible T surrounding him and the Demon Queen.

Terrible T: "So, If I go with you, which one of them gets to pick up my poopies and gets to take me on my walkies!?!"

Lilynette: "See. This is why I want you Mr... T is it? Let me put it this way for you: I need souls like yours. I want you to do what you do best. Fight. I need for my... Federation. I offer you a chance that you never had in life. Fame, competition, glory, and your hearts desire. So what do you say? Eternal damnation or eternal servitude. Choose now, for I grow bored of this."

Lilynette begins to swing her bat around with a smirk on her face.

Terrible T: "What the hell, it's not like I've got anything better to do. Lets do this your.... highness? You want a goon to fight, I'll fight. Who's first? and where do you keep the beer?"

Lilynette: "Oh my pet, the beer comes with the wins but the fight; that comes now!"

As if he'd been standing there alone this whole time... The Queen and her guards fade into nothingness. He is left standing in a ring with announcers looking at him. Outside of the ring is pandemonium. There are people screaming chanting: "This is awesome!!" Terrible T looks around, cracks his knuckles and begins to smile. For the first time in his existence he finally feels whole. Terrible T is home...
Terrible T

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Re: An Eternity to be Terrible...

Post by Sephira on Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:45 am

Edited, modified my lines a little.

Good work Terrible T
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