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Sakuya's Rebirth [Rough Version]

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Sakuya's Rebirth [Rough Version]

Post by Ayari on Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:02 am

written by Ayari & Lilynette

Sakuya's Rebirth

Sakuya: "Please let me go. Why am I even here?"

She was tied firmly to a chair. She looked around, it looked like some form of old factory or warehouse. It was mostly empty, except for a single table to her left containing a few pieces of cloth and some cans. A man was standing next to it.

Man: "Well girl, you will soon see."

He opened the cans. The stench of fuel was in the air. He started drenching the cloth pieces with it.

Sakuya: "What are you trying to to?!"

Man: "Did you know that kerosene burns around 2000°C? It is one of the most pure forms of fuel, that's why they used it for airplanes."

He picked up the cloth, slowly dripping kerosene on the floor and walked up to her.

Man: "You see, I really like fire, always have been fascinated by it, by it's raw power, by it's wild nature. And I was always interested in seeing what one can do with it. So I started experimenting, burning object, then plants, then small animals I found in the wild."

Man: "But after a while I wanted to do more. So I watched old war footage of people being burned and I wanted to do that. And now, you miss can count yourself lucky to join me in my experiments like the others before you."

Sakuya: "Why me, why me, why..."

She had heard of a serial killer in the area, but why her?

Sakuya: "Please, why me?!"

Man: "Why? You should rather ask why not. You will see the beauty of it soon"

He started putting the drenched pieces of cloth onto her. The stench went up into her nose, she gagged. He put one of the rags in her mouth. She could taste the foul fuel. Once he was done "mummyfing" her, he took another canister of the kerosene and poured it over her. She was horrified.

She started picturing her death and started seeing her life before her once more. She was afraid of death and the imminent pain of burning. The man took out a matchbox and lit one of fire.

Man: "Now be amazed."

Within seconds the inferno was real and she was engulfed by the flames. The hellish pain of her flesh burning, her mind melting, it was too much to bear, she only saw darkness.

But that was only for a short time. She awoke in room. Still in a panic she started flailing around, not being bound anymore. After a few seconds she realized that the pain and the flames were gone. She was lying on the floor and stood up.

Sakuya: "Where the hell am I?" "No seriously, where the hell am I?!"

She pinched herself, thinking that she might be dreaming, but she felt the pain.

Sakuya: "How was I still alive?"

The fire was real, she knew that much, but what was this place?

Everything looked slightly odd. There was a door to her right side and a single chair with a small table to the left. A small potted plant that had not seen water in what must have been years stood in a corner. She tried walking towards the door, when it suddenly opened.

A tall woman, at least 2 heads taller then herself entered the room. She was wearing what looked like medieval armour and had a long sword strapped to her back. The most interesting feature was the fact that she had a pair of horns protruding from her forehead. She stared speaking.

Strange Woman: "Welcome to the realm of the dead." "It looks like our mistress has taken special interest in you. I will bring you to her now, please follow me."

Sakuya was dumbfounded, but without too much thinking she started going along the strange woman. Maybe this "mistress" could tell her what was going on.

They walked through a long hallway with a, what could only be described as hellish, architecture. Spikes, Skulls and bones decorated the walls. They came to an impressive door, that slowly opened. The next thing she saw was someone sitting on a throne of sorts.

Lilynette: "Hmm, I can smell the scorched flesh. Delicious yet, overdone. Tell me... how did it feel to be engulfed in flames?"

Before Sakuya could reply, Lilynette suddenly vanished before appearing behind her. Lilynette slid her hand over Sakuya's mouth and spoke softly in her ear.

Lilynette: "You're pure, too pure to be allowed to just drift in the nothingness that is dead. Besides, your body looks like it's been dipped in acid and the stench disgusts me greatly. Pathetic, to be killed like that."

Lilynette lets out a smile before pulling a sharp needle laced with black wire from her sleeve. The needle glistened in the lights above as she held it in front of Sakuya's face.

Lilynette: "But no matter, you have your uses to me. But first, let us... silence that pesky innocence in you."

Lilynette quickly plunges the needle between her fingers, piecing Sakuya's skin as she lets out a muffled scream. She tries to wriggle but to no avail as Lily continues to thread the needle through her skin. Sakuya's mouth had been threaded completely shut.

Yet, before she could even acknowledge this, a sharp pain begin to shoot through her neck as Lilynette sinks her teeth into her flesh. As Lily's teeth sink deep into Sakuya's neck; the guards in the room move over and begin removing Sakuya's clothing, tearing it from her body leaving her in only ripped clothing to cover her body from view.

As blood began to flow down Sakuya's chest, Lilynette released her mouth from her neck and was handed a large sword. Sakuya slumped to her knees, almost paralysed.

Lilynette: "Be consumed by pain and be reborn. It will hurt, but not for too long, we don't want to have you pass out in front of everyone, now do we?"

Lilynette slowly pushed the sword into Sakuya's back and sliced along her spine, opening a wound that suddenly began to go black. She leaned over Sakuya and used her sharp finger nails to slice through the threads she had made before turning her back and walking away.  

Sakuya felt a tingling sensation in her spine, as if someone would ram thousands of needles into her. She screamed.

Sakuya: "Please make it stop!"

After a short time the pain started to subside, it started feeling pleasant, like a massage.

Getting lightheaded by that she almost didn't notice it. "Was she growing?", she thought.

She was right with her assumption. Her clothes started ripping. She looked at the two guards holding her upright and saw how they shrank right in front of her, soon she was slightly taller then them, maybe by a head. She guessed from the one that escorted her previously that she must now be around 8 feet tall. The guards let go of her.

Now she felt a tingling in her head. She looked at a nearby wall that housed a mirror. She walked closer to it, leaving behind her torn clothes.

Upon closer inspection, she noticed two small studs on her head. They were growing. Soon she realized what they were. Horns, she was growing horns.

Not only that, her hair started turning white, with a light hue of pink. Creeped out, but at the same time fascinated by it, she did not notice a couple of protrusions on her back.

Sakuya: "Now I will look like one of those guards."

It looked as if two extra appendages were forming on her back. Soon she was able to make out what they were, wings. She was growing a pair of wings. They had a leather like structure to them. It almost looked like they were bat wings. She tried focusing on them, they flapped around a bit. Getting used to these will take a while she thought.

Now the sensation came to her hands and forearms. They started turning black, it almost looked as if she was wearing long sleeved gloves. Then there was a sharp but quick painful feeling in her fingertips. They have turned into claws. They looked quite sharp, she ran her fingers carefully around her arms, it did not seem to cut her skin, even though she was pretty sure that it could anything else.

The next thing she observed was on her backside. Something long and sinuous was forming. Soon she realized what was taking shape there, it was a tail, complete with a small arrow like tip. She also tried focusing on it, it was sliding around.

Sakuya: "Whoa, this feels pretty strange." "I wonder if I'll ever get used to these..."

The final changes were in her legs. She felt pain, her bones were cracking, reshaping. Her ankles were pushed upwards, forcing her to stand on her toes. Soon after, her feet reshaped. Her toes were starting to melt together. They hardened and took the shape of cloven hooves. She tried walking around on them, it felt rather easy, almost natural to her. In fact she even liked the sound they made when walking on the stone floor.

Fascinated by the changes she was looking around her body and into the mirror. Her mind should have told her to be horrified, but in fact she was more interested in what she would be able to do with them all.

Sakuya: "Why did you do this to me?"

Lilynette: "Because I was bored obviously... You are not a good listener now are you?"

Sakuya: "Well I am, but..."

Lilynette: "Silence! I have my uses for you, that is your only concern for now. Come, I need to show you something."

Sakyua: "But,..."

Lilynette: "Just wait and see. I must say that currently I am in a rather good mood today, so I will probably not punish you for asking stupid questions. Probably..."

Lilynette signaled Sakuya to follow her. She hesitated for a second, but then started walking...

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